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College Communication Skills: Small Talks

Entering college is always hard. You’re lucky if you have a friend who entered college with you, but in most cases, you are getting into…
College Life

Advantages of Doing a Sport in College

It goes without saying that sport has a positive influence on our mind and body, especially, if a person goes in for sports regularly or…

How to Read More Books in College?

Although reading has somewhat lost its status under the pressure of all modern technologies, it’s still an activity virtually no one can do without. For…
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Do Sophisticated Words Make You Seem More Intelligent?

Is Long Word Structure a Sign of Intelligence? A New Study Signifies Something Quite Different What do you think of this sentence? Establishing a positive…

How to Spend Your Summer Break Productively?

Every student looks forward to his/her summer vacations, but not everyone knows what exactly would he/she would like to do with all that free time.…
College Life

Top 10 Hints to Motivate Millennials Study Harder

Millennials are also known as Digital Kids, Generation Y or Me Generation – they are young people who were born shortly before the beginning of…
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