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I cannot register my order successfully online. How to do it if the webpage does not update?

Go back to the beginning of the form and take a look whether all required fields have been filled in. More so, check whether the files you have attached do not exceed the restrictions of the website. In any case, you can ask the customer support team for help.

When filling out the order placement form, I have chosen wrong academic complexity/order type/deadline/paper length, etc. Can I edit the details?

We do not grant a possibility for clients to edit their order registration form whenever they want. Once you have pressed the “Proceed” button and the order got registered, you cannot edit those details on your own. Nonetheless, you can contact the customer support team for help and they will provide the necessary changes on your behalf. Keep in mind that whenever you change the main order descriptions, you will need to pay compensation since the deadline and paper length are some of the criteria that impact the price.

Is it possible to add more pages to the paper that I ordered?

Sure, you will have to place an additional order, where you will indicate the number of pages that should be added. This option is available in the order details form — you need to press “Additional Order” button and fill in the fields as usual. If you have troubles placing the additional order online, contact the customer support team for help.

How can I be sure when exactly a writer has been assigned to work on my paper?

Once the order is assigned, you will see the writer’s details in the order description form.

Can I purchase a draft of my paper?

Yes, this option is available with us. A draft should be placed separately. It will be a one-page document that is delivered 50% prior to the time when the deadline expires. A draft option is additionally paid.

How can I apply for a revision?

If you need your paper to be revised, keep in mind that you can use the free revision option. It is possible to send a free revision request within 48 hours after the paper was delivered to you. As such, you will have to send specific remarks and comments to your assigned writer, but without changing the requirements. If you are sending a revision of a long paper (of 20 pages and more), then, you will have 30 days for a free revision option.

How to change my personal and contact information in my profile?

If you need to change your personal or contact information, such as email address, phone number, password, name, etc., you just need to log in to your account, click the “Edit Profile” tab, and provide new details. Remember to click the “Save” button so that all the updates are submitted.

How much time does it take you to find a writer?

We try hard to find a writer within the shortest terms possible so that they could start working on your paper without any delays. Depending on paper requirements, details, features, formatting style, complexity level, etc., it may take us from a few minutes to a few hours. Some of the other factors that impact the speed of finding a writer are writers’ availability and busyness.

I would like to send a revision request, but the free revision period has expired. How to solve this problem?

Our company provides an opportunity for clients to send revisions even for additional payment. You just have to place a new order in this case and choose “Revision” as a paper type.

What are the ways I can talk with my writer in case I have questions?

We provide an opportunity for our clients to contact writers via a direct messaging system in their personal profiles. If an urgent response from writers is needed, it is possible to get it with the help of live chat support agents.

Where can I download my paper from?

When the paper is finished, your assigned writer uploads it to the system and you are able to download it from there after you have logged in to your personal account. More so, you will receive an email notification with a link for download.

Do you have experts who can help me out with my online test?

Yes, our company provides assistance with online tests, quizzes, and exams. To place an online test assignment, you have to take the following steps. First, register the online test type on the website. Second, you will have to provide all order details concerning the test as well as upload materials that are needed for study. Last but not the least, you will have to leave your credentials to the test platform, specify the time when the test starts, as well as mention your time zone.

Can I order a coding assignment from your company?

No, our service does not provide help with coding, app development, and other IT-related assignments.

How will I get notifications?

We have the practice of sending automatic emails with notifications regarding the order writing process. Besides, you can choose SMS notifications as well as receive phone calls.

How can I know that my paper has been assigned?

You can track down the change in order details and order status. Specifically, when a writer is assigned, you will notice the “Processing” status. When the status has not been changed to “Processing” yet, it is called “Payment Verification” – and it requires a customer to pay for the service and confirm the payment. The “Sent” or “Completed” status means that you can download the paper from your profile.

When will I receive my paper?

Papers are delivered according to the deadline that was set by you during the order placement process. The countdown of the deadline starts after you pay for the paper and confirm the payment.

I have troubles registering my paper online. Why may these challenges come up?

If the web page does not reload and you cannot submit your paper, check whether you have filled out all the required fields. After that, pay attention to whether you have attached many files. They can exceed the allowed size and so you may have troubles proceeding with the registration process. In this case, you should email the additional files to us indicating your assignment ID in the subject of your email. Our support agents will add them to your paper.

Where will I find my uploaded paper?

The finished paper will be uploaded to the system, and you will be able to find it in your personal account on deadline expiration. You will have to go to the “Completed Orders” section and download it from the “Files.”

I have problems with the payment for my order. How should I deal with it?

We do not deal with payments directly. However, if these payment troubles are some lags of the system, you will be advised to pay from another browser or use another credit card. You may also reach our support team to get more information about the matter.

Can you send the paper earlier if my writer finishes it before the deadline?

According to the company’s policy, we never upload papers before the deadline. If you need the paper earlier, you will have to pay compensation for earlier delivery in order for your writer and the editing team to finish work on your order on time.

Do you deliver papers via email after they have been completed?

According to the rules, writers upload papers to the system. In their turn, clients can find the paper in their personal cabinet after they logged in it. However, if you cannot log in to the system for some reason right now but you need your paper, you can ask the customer support representatives to send you the paper via email.

I have purchased the supreme writing level package, but I want a specific writer who has completed works for me to continue working on the rest of my papers. Can I ask him/her to do it?

When you purchase the supreme writing package, you have no possibility of choosing the writer. You are guaranteed that one of top 30 writers will be assigned, but you actually cannot choose a specific one. You are also guaranteed to be delivered a plagiarism report when choosing the said package. Therefore, if you want a certain specialist to work on your writing, you have to buy the “Preferred Writer” option and select the premium package. Our Writing Department will try to assign that specialist to your order right away and a report on plagiarism will be also granted.

I do not want to share my contact details, such as phone number, with the company. Is it so necessary to do it?

We do not oblige our client base to leave phone numbers, but we do recommend them to provide valid number since it is a means of communication. We can get in touch with them without any delays whenever some clarifications or remarks are needed.

Is your service confidential?

Yes, our service is fully confidential, so you can rest assured that privacy will be maintained. None of your personal details will ever be disclosed to the third parties. We do not even share any information within the company between writers. Our customers do not have access to our writers’ data as well.

Within that free revision period that you provide, can I request only one revision?

No, you are not limited in the number of revisions you can send. Just keep in mind that you should fit within the limited time.

Can I be certain that my paper is original and plagiarism-free?

Our company is obliged to provide authentic content and check each paper for plagiarism before delivering the final draft to the client. As such, you can always rely on originality of writing when you cooperate with us.

Who will work on my paper?

When assigning writing specialists to deal with your assignments, we make sure that only highly qualified experts are working on your papers. We carefully choose writers depending on their academic levels, experience, and the disciplines they major in.

How can I be sure that my paper has been checked for mistakes?

Our agency offers excellent VIP services that allow our customers to add some extra options to their papers. One of such options is called “Get an order proofread by an editor.” So, you are free to order it separately at an additional price. After you tick this services, its price will be added to the total order price and your paper will go to one of our editors once it is written.

How can I be sure that a writer is working on my academic assignment after I registered my paper in your system?

You can monitor the order writing process in your personal account. So, pay attention to whether the writer’s ID has appeared in the corresponding field. Besides, you can pay consideration to the order status. When the writer is working on the task, the status is “Processing.” Once your assignment is uploaded to your account, the status will be “Sent.” You may also stay updated on the status of your paper by ordering the “Get SMS notifications” VIP service. Every time the status alters, a text message will be sent to you.

While filling out the order registration form, I made a mistake and picked an improper deadline. Now I see that I need my paper faster.

Your writer can provide a paper earlier upon your request, but you will have to compensate for the difference in the deadline. Our customer support agents can help you calculate the difference in paper urgency and find out how much you should pay extra. Once we receive the payment, a new due date will be imposed.

I would like to choose a writer for my new paper, who has already worked on my previous orders. Is it possible that I ask them to continue working on my subsequent orders?

It is possible to choose a specific writer, and we have such separate service. It is called the “Preferred Writer” option, and you are able to purchase it at an additional price. You will have to insert that writer’s ID in a respective section and press “Add.” You will have to pay additional 15% to the total sum of the paper.

What are the responsibilities that your service bears?

We are responsible for assigning the best-matching writer to work on your paper. Besides, we have to ensure 24/7 customer support service so that clients from different corners of the world and of different time zones could address our company for help at any time. More so, we are responsible for ensuring top quality of content as well as thorough plagiarism check. Furthermore, we guarantee timely delivery of papers regardless of the urgency of deadlines and complexity of orders.

Do you have the writers on your team who are able to assist with complicated assignments?

We have a rich team of writers who can help with a variety of papers regardless of topics and academic complexity levels. Specifically, you can get assistance of different writers and you can place orders of high school, college, university, Master’s, and PhD levels.

Why cannot I pay for the paper I am placing?

If you encounter some troubles with the order payment procedure, you can try paying from another web browser or you can use another credit card. If these tips do not help you, it is recommended for you to call your bank.

I press the “Proceed” button, but the order registration form stays gray. What should I do?

If you have been trying to upload some files, check whether their format is supported. Besides, the problem may lie in the size of files that is exceeding the minimum size. It is better to send the files via email to the customer support agents.

I paid for the paper, but I am still asked to pay.

You need to check for sure whether money has been withdrawn from your bank account. First, look for the payment receipt in your inbox (Spam and Trash folders should be checked as well). When your payment is successful, you receive a confirmation of it to your inbox. If you have found it, please send us the receipt as a proof that you have paid successfully. If there is no receipt, log in to your banking account and check whether money has been withdrawn for our custom writing services. If you see that money was not withdrawn, try another browser/card/payment processing organization to conduct a financial transaction.

I want to check in advance whether your writers can handle my order. Only when I am sure about it, I will place my paper.

You are welcome to contact our customer support team and send them your instructions. They will forward the instructions to the Writing Department and will clarify with them whether there are writers capable of handling your piece of writing.

Do you obligate clients to share their contact details with you?

We strongly encourage clients to send us their phone numbers so that we can contact them in some urgent cases.

I got notified that one of my orders will be refunded. How much time will it take to reimburse the money I paid for it?

The refund process at our company takes from three to five business days. But this refund process depends not only on us but also on your bank.

What are the ways of getting in touch with my writer?

The company provides an opportunity to customers to use a direct messaging system for contacting the assigned writer. It is not possible to communicate with writers via phone, but it is possible to use this messaging system. Besides, if you need urgent response, you can contact the live chat support and ask them to get a reply from your writer.

Where will I be able to get my completed paper from?

You have to log in to your private account, go to the “Orders” section, click the tab “Files” and download it from there. Only you have access to the papers that are completed for you. If you cannot find your paper, please address our support representatives.

When will I get the finished paper?

All papers are uploaded according to the deadline that has been set by you. If you have forgotten it, you can check it in your personal profile in the order description.

Can my assigned writer buy the book that is required for paper completion?

No, according to our policy, customers should provide all materials that are needed for paper completion. If a book should be purchased, you have to buy it and then send it to your assigned writer.

I tried to submit my paper a few times on your website, but without success. How can I place an order online?

Try to reload the page. Double-check whether you attached any files to the registration form. If yes, it is better to send the files to the live chat support.

I was asked to provide additional pages to my paper. Can I order extra pages from you after I placed an order?

Sure, it is possible to do so. You have to place an additional order, indicate the number of pages that should be added, pay for the order, and then they will be linked together. Your assigned writer will receive a notification that extra pages are needed.

I indicated the wrong deadline. Can I shorten it?

Yes, place a compensation order and pay for the differences between the initial deadline and the new one.

I cannot find the order type that I need. What type should I choose then?

If it is confusing for you to pick the relevant order type, you have to contact our live chat support and the agents will help you. They will study your paper description and get back to you with a piece of advice.

Can you guarantee that I will get a plagiarism-free paper?

Our company is responsible for providing authentic papers. Even if you have to conduct research from scratch, you can rely on our writers who will do it in the best way. When assigning papers, we make sure they are given to most qualified writers who have solid experience in writing and research. Besides, each paper is scanned via anti-plagiarism software. Note that once your piece of writing is delivered to you, you will be able to scan it by our tool – PlagiarismSearch. Please pay attention that such an online checker as Turnitin is not used by our team since it remembers the scanned texts making it impossible to check them again.

Do you grant confidentiality of services?

Yes, we ensure privacy of our services, so any information you send us will be maintained in full confidentiality. None of the details will ever be disclosed to the third parties.

Will you deliver my assignment on time?

Our company always guarantees timely delivery of services regardless of the deadlines indicated. However, when you set the deadline in the order registration process, please indicate a realistic deadline.

I wonder how much my paper will cost, can I negotiate the price?

We do not have the possibility of any price negotiations, because we have a fixed pricing policy. Still, you can always turn to our support team and discuss your specific request concerning the cost of your paper. You should also know that our agency offers high discounts.

Can I talk with my assigned writer if I have some questions?

If you have some questions, remarks or other inquiries, you can send messages to your writer. You can also address the customer support team for help if you need to get an urgent reply from your writer.

I cannot register my order as the form freezes or turns gray, and thus it does not respond. What should I do?

Such delay may be connected with the files you have attached to the registration form. Instead of uploading the files, try to forward them via email to the live chat support.

I want to ask your experts for help with my online test. It will last for an hour, but there is no such deadline option in the registration form.

You can place your online test order with the assistance of our customer support agents. They will help you find out whether there is a writer available to take the test on your behalf at the specific time you need.

My paper will be refunded, so how can I get a refund in form of bonus credits? How can I use them afterwards?

When you want to receive bonus credits instead of money, you should inform our live chat support or Financial Department of your decision. When you get those bonuses, you are able to use them as money. For example, you can use them for partial or full payment for your subsequent orders. Please remember that the bonuses will be issued to your account once your refund application is approved.

When will you deliver my paper and where can I get it?

Papers are uploaded once the deadline limit expires. As such, when your deadline has expired, you can look for the document in the “Files” section in your personal account. You can have access to the files only after you log in to the system. You will also get an email stating that your papers is completed.

What paper type should you choose?

If you want to better understand what assignment you need, you can contact our customer care agents for help. They will explore your instructions and will help you come up with the idea what order type should be chosen.

When I cooperate with you, can I be sure that you will provide the papers of outstanding quality? Besides, will you guarantee me excellent grades?

Our company never guarantees grades as grading is a subjective process which we are not responsible for. However, what we do guarantee is that you will receive premium-quality content when you cooperate with our company. The papers will be original, free from plagiarism, and properly structured. If you intend to place an order with us for the first time, you can check out paper samples on the website to see that our writers are experts in paper writing.

Can I get my paper earlier?

Our company has a specific delivery policy, according to which you are expected to get the paper according to the deadline you set. In case you need the paper earlier, you can place a compensation order and your writer will upload the paper according to the updated deadline. You can also rely on the assistance of our customer support agents, who will help you out in the process, help you calculate the amount of compensation, etc.

Who will be handling my assignment?

When assigning writers to work on your academic assignments, we carefully check their qualifications, educational and professional backgrounds. We assign writers with proper academic degrees and relevant qualifications.

Can I find out first if you have writers specializing in my major/sphere of research and only then purchase a paper from you?

Yes, you are welcome to contact our live chat support team in order to find out all the necessary information you need.

What is your company’s pricing policy?

The pricing policy is fixed and the total order price is comprised of certain characteristics. Some of the influential factors are the order type, paper length, deadline, complexity, and others. You can also turn to the live chat support to help you calculate the price.

How will I receive my paper?

You will be able to get your paper forwarded to you via email. Or you can download it on your own from the “Files” section in your personal cabinet.

I want to place an order with you, but I have already written a part of it. Will you be able to finish it anyway?

Yes, our writers do not only work on papers from zero, but they can also assist you when you have some parts of the paper written. Just send us precise requirements and order description, and do not forget to upload the parts of paper that you have already finished.

What is the working schedule of your agency?

We operate 24/7, so you can ask us for assistance at any time. You can place orders at any time of the day or night.

Can you handle papers with tight deadlines?

Our company’s writers have considerable experience in handling even the assignments with pressing deadlines. You can rely on our company even if you need such help.

I would like to choose a writer who I have previously cooperated with. He/she coped with my assignments well, and now I want to choose him/her for the rest of my orders. Is it possible?

It is possible, but in this case, it means that you will need to purchase a “Preferred writer” option. It costs additional 15% to the order price, but you will be assured that he/she will be assigned to work on the paper.

Do your writers revise papers if I need it?

Yes, we have a revision request option. Besides, we offer free revisions and paid revisions. A free revision option can be used within 48 hours after the paper was delivered. In this case, you are not to change any of the originally placed requirements. If you introduce some new order details, you will need to compensate for the change of instructions.

Can I get a guarantee from you that I will receive an A for my paper?

No, we never guarantee any grades. Paper evaluation is a really subjective matter. What we can guarantee is authentic and plagiarism-free content and timely delivery of papers.

Do you provide an opportunity to check a paper for plagiarism at your service?

If you have at least once purchased a specific VIP service, i.e. the plagiarism check option, you will then get a change to have your papers scanned for plagiarism for free within one.
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