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Detailed Plan of Actions: What to Do the Night before an Exam

Detailed Plan of Actions: What to Do the Night before an Exam

The outcome of an exam is indeed in your hands. The night before the test is actually the last chance to influence your success. So, here is a detailed plan of actions to take the night before an exam in order to pass it with flying colors.

Eat a Healthy Meal

It is true that the food you eat influences your physical and mental productivity. Thus, it is better to choose a healthy meal before taking a test rather than chips, pizza, soda or coffee. A perfect meal that boosts brain performance is a vegetable salad, steamed fish with porridge, a fruit dessert and caffeine-free drinks. Alcohol and greasy food should be excluded from your menu the night before an exam.

Prepare Your Stuff Beforehand

Prepare all the materials and stuff you are taking to the test the night before it. Charge your laptop or calculator if you are allowed to use them during the exam. Make sure you have a spare pen and a pencil. You may also take a bottle of water and a snack with you.

Prepare Your Outfit

The night before an exam, make sure your clothes are clean and neat. Check weather forecast and make sure your outfit is perfect. When choosing appropriate clothes, prefer comfort over style.

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Plan a Review with a Friend

Check your knowledge of the subject by scheduling a question-answer review of the material that you studied for exam. This review will help you to realize the gaps in your knowledge. Moreover, you will have a night before exam to catch up.

Believe in Your Success

If you predict your failure and give yourself no chance to succeed in the test, most likely this will become true. So, hope for the better, visualize successful outcome of the test and maintain a positive outlook. This way, you will be more likely to receive a good grade.

Double Check Your Alarm

Set the alarm and make sure you give yourself enough time to get prepared before the test in the morning.

Exercise before Going to Bed

If you want to relieve stress and help your mind to relax, do yoga or some stretching exercises right before you go to bed. It will help you to fall asleep faster and have a better quality sleep.

Think of a Little Reward for Yourself

If you promise yourself a reward for the successful outcome of the test, you will be more motivated to ace your exam. When falling asleep, spend 10 minutes thinking of the reward you want to get and visualize your happiness after receiving it.

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