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Living with a Roommate

Living with a Roommate

You are about to become a college student, but have not found a roommate yet. There is no need to worry, as in fact, it is not so difficult to do it. The main thing is to be open and ready to communicate. Do not hesitate to be the first to get acquainted. If you are invited to a party, accept an invitation, do not lose a good opportunity to meet nice people and make new friends there.

Before you find a roommate and settle in the same room, you have to be well aware of what awaits you. Adult life without parents is a responsible step for every person. You need to learn how to live together and respect each other. It must be remembered that everyone has his own character, habits and views on life, so it is always worth considering this in order not to offend anyone and live peacefully – everyone has the right to personal space.

What to Expect from Your Roommate

Personal Space

Everyone has the right for his or her private life, so do not try to be too intrusive in communicating with a new acquaintance, because at first, it can look like an encroachment to his or her personal space. However, this does not mean that you do not need to communicate at all, try to submit information about yourself and converse gradually, smoothly, moving from one topic to another. Do not be scared if your new friend will behave too actively and will sometimes cross the border of your personal space, perhaps, he or she is just getting to know you. In any case, while communicating with each other, you will find something in common that will become the basis of your friendship.

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The Ability not Only to Speak, but Also to Listen

It is very important to tell about yourself as much as possible and introduce yourself to your new friend, but do not forget about his or her personality. Be able to listen carefully to your partner. This character trait will help you show the respect for a person and predispose him or her to yourself.

Respect and Understanding

Everyone has difficult times, especially during college studies. Unfortunately, many young people first think about themselves. It is good if your roommate is a pleasant and understanding friend who can support you in a difficult moment. Nevertheless, be prepared to the fact that he/she will not worry about your problems. In this case, you can always ask for the help of certain specialists who provide psychological assistance to students in your college.

Similar Features in Behavior

Scientists have proved that prolonged cohabitation contributes to the fact that people become similar to each other in some ways. Your roommate can change you in both a good and bad way. Being successful in some business, he or she can stimulate you do better, be more motivated, but be careful if your friend is too addicted to harmful food and has pernicious habits.


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Your roommate may take the initiative in domestic affairs too actively. Do not take offense at it and do not think that he/she is doing something to shame you or point out your shortcomings. For example, your roommate may tend to prepare food and clean the room all by him/herself. Perhaps this is just a feature of the character. However, at the same time, you need to help your friend and become a little more proactive.

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