Persuasive Essay about School Uniforms

For centuries, there has been a conversational question regarding the necessity of school uniforms. Is it really that vital? Should students be given the freedom to choose the outlooks for school? There is no exact answer and the topic has been debated for a long time. If you are aimed at completing a persuasive essay on the issue, try to make it the most convincing with the help of arguments for and against your point of view.

A Step-by-Step Approach to Completing a Persuasive Essay

The first section you are going to compose is an introduction. The most essential component of that is a thesis statement. The thesis works for focusing on the aspects you are going to talk about and answering the question. For example, “Is there any need in wearing a uniform?” Brainstorming the topic, make a list of benefits and disadvantages, then, decide what you would like to begin with.

Introduction Templates

For: School uniform is the way to make sure that each of the students has the same supply with well-suited, prim and proper clothes, which prevents the separation between people from different social classes.


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Against: School uniform hinders young people from expressing their identity, is horribly uncomfortable, and dictates the way they should look like every day during lessons.

The main body should be an extensive and fully-fledged part of the essay. It concentrates on each of the arguments and presents evidence. It would be great to bring in some updated data, such as statistics or survey results. Additionally, you may appeal to emotions, use anecdotes, etc.

Body Paragraph Templates

For: It should be obligatory to wear school uniforms. It saves time devoted to shopping or choosing an outlook every morning. Bullying because of clothes is eliminated in this case. Adding to that, they control students to look appropriately and neatly, as it is required in the educational institutions.

Against: There are a numberof negative aspects of wearing school uniforms. You could hardly find a person who would like to be pressed to do something. It hasn’t been proved that school uniforms have any impact on bullying yet. By the way, parents most commonly have to purchase a uniform from the same distributor, which may create tension and even conflicts between a principal and clothing stores.

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As you start working on a conclusion, return to your thesis statement. Formulate a title with reference to the thesis. Reread the paper and ensure that you have discussed all the points that you planned to. In the last paragraph, you should look over the arguments in the previous section and briefly summarize them. Lastly, finalize with a call for action pushing your audience to consider the argumentation and take a position on the issue.

Conclusion Templates

For: In order to keep calm and safe atmosphere in schools, and reasonable spending, the uniform is a real tool to be applied.

Against: There is still a debate if uniforms make any change. So, why should children be constrained?

Regardless of the side of the argument you take, your ideas should be well-thought-out and sustainable. Follow the clear structure and persuade a reader with insightful points.