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One of the many notable aspects of our services is the discount policy that we offer to both new and returning customers.

  • We offer a discount of 5% for ordering 30 or more pages in total
  • We offer our customers a 10% discount on orders totalling more than 50 pages
  • We offer a 15% discount to customers that order in total over 100 pages

New customers may take advantage of our one-time discount codes. Please note that we offer a 15% discount on the first order. The more pages a customer orders, the larger discount percentage he or she will receive.

Please ask a customer service representative about our seasonal discount offers. These are offers that no customer should miss out on!

Customers should keep in mind that it is possible to use only one discount code per order.

Here, at, we love to see customers return to use our services more than once. For this reason, we have developed a permanent discount program to make each customer’s experience with us even better.


Our Discounts

5% OFF

for 30 pages

10% OFF

for 50 pages

15% OFF

for 100 pages

Customers that wish to get further information about our Discount Policy should proceed to the “Discounts” section of their personal order pages on our website.

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