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Mobile IPv4 & Mobile IPv6

Mobile IPv4 & Mobile IPv6

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Do you think the mobile IPv4 was successful?

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Although, the IPv4 has been regarded as the most promising solution in terms of managing mobility, it was not successful because it faced certain problems. For example security, triangulation, duplication of IP’s and reliability issues. This is necessitated the development of mobile IPv6. One of the reasons why MIPv4 was not successful was due to security problems. For instance, it was found that firewalls caused a lot of problems by preventing the incoming packets. Another significant problem that affected MIPv4 was triangulation. It was found that themobile IPv4 was unable to send data packets from one network to another. This is because the MIPv4 could not transfer data through the internet to reach the home agent.


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What improvements can you think of?

In order to enhance portability, I think the MIPv4 should incorporate strong connection protocols to help in linking the internet with multiple servers. In order to deal with the triangle routing problem, the mobile nodes, and the corresponding nodes should have been merged ad hoc networks. Another improvement on the MIPv4 is the development of a unique IP address to avoid duplication of networks.

Do you think mobile IPv6 will succeed?

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The mobile IPv6 will succeed because it integrates different features, such as the ability to integrate mobile phones with internet based multimedia services. In addition, mobile IPv6 has the ability to host and support two different IP addresses such as home address (HoA) and Mobile Node (MN). Furthermore, mobile IPv6 is bound to succeed because it incorporates three vital components namely; the MN, correspondent node (CN), and home address (HA). Most importantly, the mobile IPv6 contains standardized optimization extensions that were not in mobile IPv4.

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