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Spending For National Defense

Spending For National Defense

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In any state or country, the National Defense force is extremely crucial for the security of a nation. Therefore, i do not favor a decrease in National Spending because I believe that security of a nation is paramount. For instance, in order for the United States to streamline its economy, it is necessary for people to spend since it ensures that there is a circulation of money.

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Thesis statement: The national defense of any country plays a significant role in the nation. A decrease in the national defense would affect the security apparatus. Therefore, citizens are encouraged to spend so that money can circulate in the economy and support the national defense.

There is a popular belief among the U.S. citizens that the nation’s defense is in danger.  However, the country should pull together and help solve this economic poblem.  The current economic problem is affecting the country, and it may lose its military might. Although, I do not support the country to invest heavily on defense forces, the leaders should be wise about our spending, and ensure that key areas are prioritized.  For instance, history shows that President Bush plunged the U.S. in debt as a result of overspending and misplaced priorities. 


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As a result of the past mistakes committed by former leaders on spending and the economy, citizens should be vigilant on how their taxes and money is spent.  Besides, citizens should not allow the leadership to have free reign over the country’s spending.  In my view, a decrease in spending may slow down the country, crash the market economy, and the poor people may suffer a lot.  The United States cannot afford another hit as tragic as we took a few years ago. 

In such harsh economic times, the Republican and Democratic parties need to come together, and develop formidable solutions instead of fighting amongst each other.  The squabbles and in-fighting between two parties will not help this country. Instead, it will only plunge the country into deep economic depression.


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In summary, the leadership should come up with a logical solution to solve the deficit the United States is undergoing right now.  I am optimistic that if the Republican and Democratic parties should agree on the amount needed for spending on national defense.  However, it seems the government has shifted their focus and given priority to gun laws than our spending.  If the spending is haphazard, and money is not channeled to the right sectors, the glory and success of the country will be lost.

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