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Physical HCI Environment

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Physical human–computer interaction is a specific opportunity for modern society that has been spread recently. Trying to point to the peculiarities of building interfaces and gadgets from the side of environment, it is possible to refer to convenience, usability (as one of the most important aspects), and necessity. Paying attention to the environment, it is important to state that human–computer interaction has increased for a recent period of time. More and more people use the Internet for completing personal needs aimed at affecting the environment they live into. Thus, if several years ago people preferred to go to a shop to by a dress, now, the Internet has substituted such activities. The better interface and the more innovative gadgets are, the higher website rate is. Trying to omit usability of human–computer interaction environment due to high rate of discussion of this particular quality of the issue, the necessity and convenience are to be referred to.

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The environment in human–computer interaction is characterized by three parameters, such as fit, performance and well-being which are interrelated in the following way, “the fit of HCI elements leads to performance and well-being” (Te'eni, Carey, & Zhang, 2007, p. 8). If these three parameters are covered, the convenience is guaranteed. Convenience of the interface and gadget building is sufficient as modern society got used to absence of complicated interface and unnecessary features. Thus, it is impossible to speak of convenience without a reference to necessity. The standards related to human–computer interaction (Bevan, 2006) stress the necessity and convenience of the issue used. The environment is considered through human activities online. More and more people become involved into the online reality. All real-life activities are transferred to the Internet that creates supportive environment for human-computer interaction development. Therefore, the creation of complicated interface and gadgets is of no importance. People need easy and simple options.

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