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Combating Terrorism

Buy custom Combating Terrorism essay

The issue of terrorism is a global phenomenon that has attracted a lot of attention among many nations. While the loss of life and insecurity are the issues that governments thrive to combat, aftershocks of terrorism lead to economic turmoil and rise in the number of poverty-stricken people. This essay provides some formidable ways that governments have used in combating and reducing the effects of terrorism.

The most effective way of combating terrorism is making the citizens safer from terrorist threats and attacks. This can be achieved through using metal detectors in public places, placing video cameras in public areas, and screening airline passengers. In addition, the police should make regular and random patrols using sniffer dogs to detect bombs (Meadows, 2010).

The U.S Government has initiated a number of control measures to deal with the issue of domestic terrorism. In 1979, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act was passed into law. This act issued strict procedures that allowed the government to access electronic surveillance on Americans and resident aliens, unlike the prior unauthorized wire taps that deprive citizens of their freedom to privacy. Lawmakers also deemed terrorism as a national priority which required integration of all intelligence bodies like the FBI, CIA, and NSA (“Resolution,” n.d.).

Other governments of such countries as Canada, the U.K., and Germany have invaded areas where terrorist organizations are situated. This involves flushing them out and arresting terrorists, thus leaving them with no launching pad for propagating terror. Furthermore, governments engage in neutralization of terrorists through assassinations, military action, prosecutions, and arrests. Finally, the adoption of CCTV surveillance facilitates monitoring of almost every person’s activities. This enables the government to detect suspicious activities by persons and put up measures to stop them immediately (Kolodkin, n.d.).

Buy custom Combating Terrorism essay


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