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Demonstrative Communication

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Communication permeates numerous aspects of professional and personal life. It is crucial for one to have positive and fruitful interactions, build and maintain favorable relations. In today’s world, it is vital for everybody to have the ability to communicate properly and have all the messages understood. While there are almost seven thousand languages in the whole world, human beings do not just communicate with each other using words. Communication including non-verbal and demonstrative communication is a form of passing information from one person or place to another one by acknowledging intent of the sender, identifying the message’s context, and acting upon it, creating a shared understanding.

According to Cheesebro, O’Connor, and Rios (2010), communication is the process of receiving, sending, and exchanging information through a variety of written and verbal messages. If there is no receiver or sender, communication will not take place since it requires participants. Therefore, senders and receivers of information must be present in any kind of communication, and all the messages delivered should be clear and consistent. Demonstrative communication is based on receiving and sending information by unwritten and nonverbal means, i.e. specific tone of voice, facial expression, and body language that people use.

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Non-verbal communication is organized without language or particular words. It includes eye contact, posture, facial expression, and gestures. In order to have effective communication, it is vital to understand individuals engaged in conversation that interprets messages. Effective communication is a comprehensive two-way process that involves sending right messages and ascertaining that all messages are received correctly and understood by the other individuals. When a person stops communicating effectively, various messages intended for delivery usually go wrong in dialogue. When people come across as judgmental, one may think that they are doing it to strengthen mutual understanding or take someone’s side. However, this action can have negative consequences and alienate speakers by demonstrating a lack of self-respect. When individuals are negative in conversation, the receivers will try to pull them away from listening. Consequently, remaining positive in communication will ensure an effective exchange of opinions and standpoints.


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People’s body language is one of the most important factors in how messages are received. Therefore, it will not matter what people intend to say with words since body language involves communication with no words. Emphasis is made on posture, gestures, eye contact, and facial expressions. The latter can be viewed by individuals as negative or positive depending on what facial expression a person has. While a smile is interpreted as positive expression, a frown depicts negative facial expression of a person. However, grins can be either negative or positive. Some people usually interpret grins as haughty and arrogant and, therefore, communication will have the negative expression. Grinning about something comical and humorous can be a positive facial expression.

In order to make communication successful, receivers and senders of information should reach a shared meaning (Krizan, Merrier, Logan, & Williams, 2010). An effective way for senders and receivers to communicate in a demonstrative manner will be sending right messages, making sure that all of them are correct and comprehended by other people. An ineffective way of communication is when individuals are vague and ambiguous. If the senders are concise, and receivers cannot understand their messages, more details and explanations should be provided to make everything clear.

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If individuals listen more than talk, or they talk more than listen, they communicate in an ineffective manner. The senders should conduct double check with the receivers that all the messages are comprehensible and consistent while the receivers have to confirm the clarity of information by asking questions about what is not clear and comprehended. The tone of every sender should be friendly, gentle, pleasant, and polite since communication may become ineffective with aggressive and hostile tone. It is important to remember that the individuals’ emotional state significantly affects the effectiveness of exchanging information. If receivers are overloaded with the senders’ information, it will bring shutdown. In this case, the receiver usually misses the complete message. Moreover, if a sender speaks very quickly to the receiver, the latter will not fully understand the information because of expression, and, therefore, communication will be ineffective between the receiver and sender.

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According to Metcalfe (2012), demonstrative communication is positive only when active listening is utilized between the receivers and senders of information. It is described as a key part of positive communication since when a person listens attentively to the speaker who is engaging, emotional, and positive, the communication between the receivers and senders will be perfect. Demonstrative communication is unsuccessful when there are negative facial expressions between the receivers and senders including yawn, absence of eye contact, crossing the arms, and frown.

One can describe demonstrative communication as ineffective when it is negatively displayed, and successful and effective when it is positively represented. While listening to the interlocutor can be a difficult task for some people, maintaining positive communication can be easy for other individuals. It is quite important for every person who speaks to remain energetic and positive in order to maintain the interest of listeners during conversation. Every listener and speaker should also learn body language. Awareness of how to create messages helps one define good and positive communication. Learning to read a person’s body language and paying attention to important demonstrative factors of communication are essential skills that people should know when they speak in public.

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