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There are many debates concerning marijuana usage and legalization that continue for more than four decades (Clarke, & Levine, 1971). There are experts that state that marijuana legalization is a must when it comes to usage for medical purposes. They also state that marijuana should be legalized for purposes outside the medical field simply because it is not as harmful as other drugs. These professionals believe that the harm of marijuana is far less than the one of alcohol, so marijuana legalization will not lead to any negative consequences (Christiansen, 2010). On the contrary, it will bring benefits putting a stop to illegal trafficking of marijuana and bringing economic benefits to the country.

Nevertheless, there are critics who state that marijuana should not be legalized because it is extremely harmful for people, and it may also lead to further drug legalization. Many people are scared of the possibility that after legalizing marijuana, activists would want to legalize other drugs, too, and that would ruin the social order in the United States (MacCoun, 1993).

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The aim of this work is to test and analyze the hypothesis that marijuana legalization will not hurt the social order in the United States. On the other hand, one would like to expand on the topic of marijuana legalization helping the social order in the country. Thus, one would like to analyze the hypothesis of legalization of marijuana being a help for the existing social order in the United States. One believes this issue to be very ambiguous and complicated with many perspectives and approaches, and that is the reason it has to be analyzed carefully in order to come to the most effective solution. With a relatively big amount of people supporting legalization, and another group against it, it is important to come to a conclusion which would be understood by both groups and bring the best results for them and the country.

Despite the fact that marijuana is considered as an illegal drug in many states across the Unites States of America, some of them permit its utilization. Unfortunately, lack of studies and research connected with marijuana make it difficult to tell whether it should be legalized or not. Nevertheless, more and more scientific discoveries emphasize the use of this so-called drug. Statistics show that there are no proven cases of deaths from smoking marijuana, while alcohol and tobacco continue to kill hundreds of thousands of people every year.


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Marijuana, also known as cannabis, is originally defined as an illicit narcotic that brings enormous sums of money to criminal organizations. Law enforcements spend a great amount of time and efforts to elaborate new ways that would help them fight against marijuana distribution.

Many people are inclined to think that marijuana legalization will not hurt social order in the United States. However, critics of marijuana initiatives argue that the specified laws will result in a row of unfavorable consequences such as increased economic inequality, increased level of crime, and drug addiction, not to mention that it will make children more sensitive to drug use.

Although federal authorities continue to forbid marijuana, scientists have determined that people who happen to be under the effect of marijuana are more peaceful and calm. Moreover, cannabis is considered as a potent drug that has been prescribed by doctors to people, suffering from such ailments as cancer-related nausea and cornea surgery recovery (“Sociological Theories about Marijuana Legalization”, 2013).

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Legalization of marijuana in Colorado has positively affected the state; however, it is difficult to tell how well because not much time has passed. The overall crime rate has dropped by approximately 10.1 percent from the previous year, and violent crime has decreased by 5.2 percent. Moreover, the quantity of robberies at dispensaries has reached the lowest point(Rucke, 2014).

Washington is another American state that has also legalized marijuana. This state is charging a 25 percent tax on cannabis sales, with even greater rates in some municipalities. Thanks to this, Washington’s police can now focus their attention on stopping more destructive illicit drugs such as a heroin and cocaine that have more potential to cause health and crime problems.

Legalization would bring benefits to financially strapped states. For instance, a 2010 Cato Institute study made it clear that if every state legalized marijuana sales, the diminished drug enforcement costs and higher tax incomes would be worth more than $17 billion. Forbes stated that legalization of marijuana would also produce public health benefits, since alcohol consumption is considered as more harmful to people than marijuana.

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Washington and Colorado have used regulation and taxes in order to channel marijuana entrepreneurship more productively than other states, where policy makers waste time and resources to stop it (Shane, 2014).

Considering all the information regarding marijuana, it is possible to say that it has far more positive sides than negative ones. It has the potential to cure different illnesses, prevents cancer, and is distinguished as a good stress-remover. Thus, it becomes evident that in order to stop needless, sophisticated, and vast human suffering, it is necessary to legalize marijuana.

In the conclusion, it is possible to say that the evidence provided is sufficiently convincing to draw firm conclusions about the hypothesis in question. Marijuana contains a great number of unique elements that help human bodies get rid of noxious cells that are responsible for generating dangerous tumors. Therefore, marijuana should not be listed with other drugs such as heroin or cocaine because harm from them is substantially higher. It is a mistake to recognize marijuana as a drug because this might be the reason why people might want to try some other kinds of drugs later.

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