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Wireless Security

Free «Wireless Security» Essay Sample

1. Let’s pretend that I own a large corporation, and I have no wireless access points installed. So why should I care about wireless security?

One should care about the use of wireless technology because it eliminates the clutter of wires running from one computer to another. Since most computers are networked in the office, wireless security will help in interlinking of external devices such as the scanners, printers and microphones. Besides, wireless security helps in protecting against theft of sensitive information, and anonymity of connection abuse. Wireless security will help in saving the corporation against hackers who might interfere with office or urgent mail (Bradley & Carvey, 2006).

Another significant reason why you should care about wireless security is the ability of interconnectivity within the corporation. Wireless security will enable employees become mobile, and they will be able to access their mails from anywhere including smart phones. Furthermore, wireless security will enable easy recognition of devices once they are plugged. Today, most laptops are fixed with “Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chips” to ensure visibility and connection with other wireless gadgets.

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2. What are some of the challenges introduced when wireless devices became introduced to a corporate network?

The use of wireless devices such as WLANS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth gadgets present various challenges in the office environment. The main challenge is the monitoring and management of AP (access points). This is because there must be consistency with ethernet switches to ensure the connectivity is reliable (Osterhage, 2011). Since there are no visible cables of connectivity, it has become challenging to identify and manage performance problems resulting from jamming the network on laptops and mobile phones. Furthermore, many organizations have had to grapples with high costs of installation in network management and installation of related software. For instance, mobile laptops and phones have to be configured and fitted with “unique codes” to function properly.

3. What are some of the ways I can use to increase network visibility (monitoring) of wireless users for my corporate users?

As a result of the wireless technology, network visibility has become a fundamental problem. In an office setting, one of the ways of increasing visibility is to use virtual LAN (VLAN) technology since it helps in improving accessibility. The VLAN helps in accessing and controlling the network and sending messages to the server in case of any malfunctions (Osterhage, 2011). Another way of improving visibility of wireless devices is by ensuring that all gadgets are fixed with hardened Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips. Besides, the visibility component on the settings should be activated to ensure easy interconnection with other devices.

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