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Food Safety

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A meal can have a huge impact to the world. Because of this, it is necessary to determine where the food we eat comes from as the food can come from a destructive system. In addition, the food we eat may have some serious economic and ecological impacts, which need to be considered before buying a product. Because of this, an investigation of one of the meals helps in determining the farming methods used to grow the items and the economic and ecological advantages or disadvantages tied to the food item.

The meal under study is;

Boneless Chicken Breasts
Green Giant – Valley Fresh Steamers – Value Size – Broccoli and Three Cheese Sauce (24 ounces), which is a frozen product
Fresh rolls (let’s all assume that our rolls are from a fictitious bakery that is about 2 miles from our home, and that this bakery uses local products to make its rolls)

The Boneless Chicken Breast

Boneless chicken can be sourced from the grocery store, which sources them directly from the company that packs the food items such as Tyson. Tyson food items are not imported, but are made in the country. However, the products have some negative economical impacts as the company is rumored that it employs illegal immigrants to work in their farms. In addition, there is some information that claims that the chicken is raised without antibiotics.  This poses some dangers to the buyers since chicken raised without antibiotics may pose some disease threats to the consumers (DY007, 2013).

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Green Giant – Valley Fresh Steamers – Value Size – Broccoli and Three Cheese Sauce

Green Giant Broccoli is made up of frozen vegetables and can be sourced from the grocery. Broccolis are sourced from outside the country, but some of it is grown in the country. They crop is picked at the climax of perfection and the frozen to lock them in the freshness. The green giant ingredients include water, whey, Broccoli, modified starch, natural flavors, palm oil, milk, cheese cultures, milk fat, protein milk concentrate, gelatin, lactic acid, among others. So the green giant contains milk ingredients. Sometimes, broccoli is sourced from the country. Some of the methods used to transport Brocolli have some economic disadvantage because of carbon emissions. For example, trucks as well as airplanes have negative effects on the environment. Despite this, Broccoli have some nutritious advantage to the customers.

Fresh Rolls

Some of the fresh rolls ingredients include rice noodles and fresh herbs and vegetable. Just like Broccolis, fresh herbs and vegetables are sourced from different parts of the world such as Vietnam and other countries (Burns, 2014). Because of this, the danger posed rolls are similar to the dangers posed by Broccolis.


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Milk is a white-liquid produced by the animals’ mammary glands. Milk as a farming product, it is extracted from the animals soon after pregnancy or during pregnancy, and humans as food use it. Milk is converted into many dairy products like butter, cream, yogurt, cheese and ice cream (Wisconsin Cheese 2014).

Green Giant Broccoli and cheese sauce contains milk ingredients, which come from dairy farming. The green giant is junk food and it is risky for the health of human beings. It contains genetically modified organisms, for example, modified starch. The green giant is a genetically modified food, making it unsafe for human consumption. It has a potential harm to the health of human beings. Labeling is forbidden, yet the potential risk is clear.

Over eighty percent of all currently processed foods contain genetically modified organisms and Green Giant Broccoli and cheese sauce is one of them. The milk used to make broccoli and cheese comes from dairy farming. More than 750 million populations live within dairy farming homesteads. Milk is a major contributor to improving food security and nutrition, especially in developing countries (Ask Leo & Siegel 2009). Advancements in dairy and livestock technology provide substantial promises in reducing malnutrition and poverty in the world. The dairy business also impacts a number of the globe’s most sensitive ecological areas covering a broad range of ecosystems (World Wild Life 2014). Since milk is not usually shipped internationally, and it is rather distributed as well as consumed locally in its state of origin, the milk sector impacts in a given region is mostly a local issue.

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Both the production of GMOs and dairy farming poses many challenges to the fitness of the environment. The herbicides used in GM crop cultivation and the digestion process of cows emits Methane, called enteric fermentation, and the manure from the cows’ waste are the most crucial potential impacts to the environment. Another environmental effect is climate change. The production of genetically modified organisms has a significant impact upon the global warming because of the greenhouse gases emissions such as nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide. Water use and contamination are other chief concerns, as the nutrients and manure run into the waterways (World Wild Life 2014). Dairy operations can use large water volumes to grow feeds, process products and manage manure. In addition, the increased nutrients within the local waterways promote algae growth, which suffocates off oxygen to animal life and other plants. The dairy sector is as well responsible for the conversion of land, especially in the tropics, to cultivate the feeds needed by the dairy herds.

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In conclusion, the Green Giant Broccoli and cheese sauces contain genetically modified organisms that pose health risks to human beings and the environment as a whole. Milk is a major contributor to improving food security and malnutrition, especially in developing countries and reducing poverty. The milk production and transformation of crops into GMOs also pose many challenges to the fitness of the environment, including climate change, water pollution, soil degradation, air pollution and land conversion.

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