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Global Warming: Myth or Reality?

Free «Global Warming: Myth or Reality?» Essay Sample

While the time was passing by, everyone could have noticed the change in the weather. Every day in the news one can hear mentions about hurricanes, storms, earthquakes and other natural catastrophes and moreover with every day there are more and more news like that. An interesting fact is that with every day there are more news about mentioned natural catastrophes in places where they have not happened so often earlier. Is it all because of the global warming? Is it all because of the human actions like using many cars and vehicles, burning forests? What are myths and what can be considered as facts of the global warming?

According to some scientists and their theories, planet Earth is on the one of its last stages of a greenhouse effect, its global warming, and its death. The time is over for any debates and discussions, because while the main researchers are talking, people on the other part of this world are dying from hurricanes, smokes in the atmosphere, tsunami and earthquakes. The climate system of the whole world is changing, the world is changing itself. However not everything about the global warming is true, some statements are just myths. Media nowadays is trying to scare people as much as they could. The truth is that scientists are still researching the actual reasons of the global warming. Moreover there are many facts that are simply myths about this process of Earth’s dying and these myths for already many years became so stable, repeating from one to another, that some people started thinking about them as actual true facts. In order to fight the global warming effect, many governors say that people need to accept and admit that it is better to reduce something in one’s everyday living and to reduce the increasing of one’s living standards until the whole industrial society would be abolished. All these governors said that the only way mentioned above is the way to fight the climate and Earth’s changing. However to control the decreasing of the global warming effects these scientists and governors also offer to give to governments power to control what people eat, drink, where and how people travel. It is also said that cars and other vehicles except ones which are working with the help of sun energy, jet travelling, even air conditioning, and all these simple things that we are using everyday need to be reduced. It was actually stated that everything modern, everything from technology that is making one’s life easier need to be reduced in using or even just abolished. However what governors advised is not that useful to people’s lives, exactly abolishing of for example refrigeration could be the reason of millions deaths. So despite whether governors like it or not, whether all things of the industrial society can be the reasons of the global warming, still exactly these things help us to live, to survive and whether governors want it or not they have to admit that the abolishing of all this technology would not be the right thing to do. Still it makes one to come back to the myths and facts about the global warming. Nowadays there are many movies about the catastrophic results of global warming and as its conclusion about the end of this world. Climate changes and so predicted first by Bible and then by many moviemakers an epic Flood or the second ice age – all of these things are what many believed is going to happen because of the global warming. Is it again myth made and popularized by filmmakers or a severe reality?

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First of the myths is considered the one about the rapid increasing of world’s temperature. It is actually said that the temperature is growing in a very unpredictable way and very quickly. However observations from many satellites researches that are based on these observations showed that in a past decade there were no significant changes in the global temperature. The reason that this myth appeared is that mostly the special ground stations which are dealing with the observations and accurate measurement of the global temperatures are situated on the so-called heat grounds, the places on Earth where the temperature is essentially a little bit higher than in the other areas of the world. So, the conclusion is that there is no still catastrophic warming of Earth. The second myth says that the increasing of the global temperature was no so rapid for the past thousand years, although it is rapid now, extremely rapid. Scientists probably forgot that during all Earth’s periods, its geologic times, the temperature of course was rapidly changing and the bright example of it was the Ice Age period. However the special departments that are working on researches about temperature increasing probably decided to ignore the facts from history of the Earth. The conclusion is – one more myth based on computers’ and people’s faults. The third one myth in the list of myths about the global warming is that people are producing carbon dioxide which is one of reasons of the greenhouse effect. On the one hand it is true as the level of carbon dioxide in the air has changed because of the increasing of human activity, but on the other hand the increasing of carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere is the result of warming not its cause. Moreover this myth caused the appearance of the other one – computers verified that exactly carbon dioxide caused global warming. Of course nowadays computers are like one’s second brains, but let’s admit that machines cannot verify anything like that, and even if they can it will not prove anything. Computers can predict weather or any its changes, but these machines cannot calculate the proper amount of sun lightning or the effects of clouds. One of the most popular myths among people is that global warming could cause more storms, hurricanes, tsunamis. However there no actual evidence whether this fact is true or not. The truth is that this certain fact depends on the regional diversity. Sometimes for example like in the coastal countries, the reason of storms’ strength is the density of the population in these countries. One of the last myths about global warming that is also much popularized and so often discussed at many countries’ conventions is the myth about poles’ melting. The Earth is changing, it is true, but scientists should not forget such elementary facts that due to the things that are happening in Pacific Ocean, Arctic pole can get only warmer while Greenland for example otherwise is getting colder. So there is no way that Greenland could melt in something like fifty years how it is used to mention in the news.


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Of course myths and facts mentioned above do not complete the whole list of the global warming causes and result. There is still more to say, but the only conclusion that one can make after all this information that people should not just thinking about global warming or dreaming about its happening. One needs to do something, not just talk. The future of mankind is at stake because of industrialization and the progress people have nowadays, but everyone needs to stop yelling about the global warming problem. People need to start doing and changing things beginning from their own lives. Only in that way even with making the smallest steps, one can change the future of the whole planet.

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