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Category: College Life

College Life

Top 10 Hints to Motivate Millennials Study Harder

Millennials are also known as Digital Kids, Generation Y or Me Generation – they are young people who were born shortly before the beginning of ...
College Life

What to Have in Your Fridge to Stay Healthy?

If a midnight run to a fridge is your habit, you should seriously think about stocking up with healthy foods that contain a low amount of calories. If...
College Life

Tips on How to Find a Seasonal Job

As soon as the snow covers the city, people start anticipating holidays and festivities that come with it. However, while for some people, it is the t...
College Life

To-Do List Tips

 An efficient plan will keep you focused on the priority tasks, thus contributing to your credibility. Additionally, due to a structured to-do li...
College Life

How to Cook Healthy Chinese Food

Chinese food has long since crossed the national borders. It’s beloved in the whole world and is among leaders of national cuisines popular in t...
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