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Product (Branding) Discussion

Product (Branding) Discussion

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The product used for this essay is Giorgio Armani which is a luxury product at the maturity stage of the L’Oreal Company. I think the brand name was chosen with the objective of attracting customers. The company chose the brand name Giorgio Armani, because it is easy to remember, and it connotes some aspects of excitement and elegance.

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The brand name Giorgio Armani most certainly fits the L’Oreal Company because of its uniqueness and differentiation from other products. This is because the brand conveys product benefits such as luxury, elegance, style, and class. For instance, the Giorgio Armani perfume comes in different flavors such as lemon, guaiac wood, and citron cocktail, thus making it favorite among classy men. Besides, its use makes people covey a certain degree of confidence and style.

A brand is a "symbol, design or name projected to classify and distinguish the products and services of different sellers” (Smith, 2011). It also includes the psychological and emotional relationship that sellers establish with their customers. In my opinion, the brand name Giorgio Armani is highly effective i the cosmetic industry, because it confirms the credibility of L’Oreal Company. The brand Giorgio Armani also delivers the message, motivates the buyer, strengthens user loyalty as well as connects to the seller’s target prospects emotionally. Although it has reached maturity stage on the product life cycle, the brand Giorgio Armani is still highly effective in the market.


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In evaluating the issue of packaging, I will use L’Oreal Paris, a consumer product which is at the growth stage in the product life cycle. I have chosen this product, because it combines a chain of brands such as skincare, cosmetics, hair care, and makeup. Since L’Oreal Paris is prominent among female consumers, the product has been packed in different sizes and shapes that are feminine and highly attractive. Besides, the company has developed a distinctive logo on its perfume bottles by incorporating famous music icons Jenifer Lopez and Beyonce Knowles. This has enhanced its packaging standards and increased customer retention, because they want to be linked with the icons.

In addressing environmental concerns, L’Oreal Company has inscribed a disclaimeer on L’Oreal Paris urging its costumers safely to dispose the bottle after use. Since perfumes are highly explosive, the company encourages consumers to dispose the used bottles for safety of the environment. In terms of health and security issues, the product has been well packaged in tight and strong bottles that are not easy to break. For instance, even when left in the reach of children, they can play with them but the bottles are not easily broken to cause any harm. Furthermore, the company has encouraged its customers to drop all the used bottles of perfumes at their outlets. As a result, the company recycles the bottles and sells a new product, thus reducing the cost of production (L’Oreal Company, n.d).

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In my own opinion, the packaging of L’Oreal Paris has been highly effective as a result of the high sales and profits the company has generated. Furthermore, the packaging is appealing to among female consumers, because the bottles are created in different styles and shapes to present feminism. Additionally, the use of music icons photos such as Jenifer Lopez and Beyonce Knowles on the bottles has made the packaging more appealing, hence highly effective.

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