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Samsung Galaxy S2 Target Market Discussion

Free «Samsung Galaxy S2 Target Market Discussion» Essay Sample

Samsung Galaxy S2 is a product of Samsung Company. It falls under the category of Smart phones, which are extremely popular in the market today. The Galaxy S2 smart phone is compatible with the fastest network speed currently available, which is 4G. Today, it is possible to check voicemails on a smart phone, and a person can select the ones to play or delete. Galaxy S2 smart phone includes a 1.5 GHz processor to store video, games, and information fast and smoothly. Finally, the phone uses the state of the art 2.3.5 Gingerbread and Android as the operating platform (About Samsung Galaxy S2, n.d.).

Target Market and Market Segmentation of Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S2 is designed for professionals and gadget freaks who love a feature packed cutting edge phone with unparalleled performance. The primary target market of Samsung Galaxy S2 is people who work and stay for long time hours in their offices. The device is designed to enhance mobility and help them keep in touch with family and friends by making direct calls, sending messaging, chatting, and sharing pictures. Students are also included in the target market because the product helps them search for information quickly through easy access to websites. Businessmen are included in the target market as well because the device can help them manage their schedule and receive updates and latest information about the market. The age group of smart phones users is from 15 to 30 (About Samsung Galaxy S2, n.d.).

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Demographic segmentation involves studying some customer characteristics such as age, income, education, race, religion, and nationality of that market (Berrigan & Feldman, 2009). Since Samsung Galaxy S2 mainly appeals to the young generation, it has been developed in a manner that is attractive and acceptable for youths. As a result, the company demographically segmented and modified its marketing mix to fit the target market. Young customers are particularly mobile in their likes. Since consumer tastes and preferences are dynamic, Samsung Galaxy S2 has also been designed to focus on people aged between 15 and 30 years. The market was also segmented to include students and business people who extensively use the internet.

Samsung Galaxy S2 is also marketed to end users using psychographic segmentation. It mainly focuses on lifestyles, hobbies, and interests of customers. In this method, people are subdivided according to their values or lifestyles. Berrigan & Feldman (2009) argue that people within the same geographic or demographic group can exhibit extremely different psychographic cadres. The product was mainly targeted to people who spend most of their time on the internet, on social media platforms, or doing research. As a result, the product was developed with a 1.5 GHz processor, which is extremely suitable for surfing. Besides, psychographic segmentation was done to incorporate interests and hobbies of people who enjoy playing video games, listening to HD music, downloading HD movies, and doing business research.


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Another vital strategy used in defining the target market for Samsung S2 is behavioral segmentation. In this strategy, a company analyzes the market and identifies loyalties of customers to given brands and then classify them according to their loyalties to these brands (Frank & Massy, 2008). In relation to Samsung Galaxy S2, behavioral segmentation is done on the basis of usage rate and product features that appeal to a customer. The phone is extremely fast, versatile, and exceptionally customizable. Most importantly, a user has access to over 250 thousand apps via Google play. The Galaxy S2 is well-known due to its S-AMOLED capacitive touch screen which delivers terrific show quality for all manner of media items. Screen delivers wide viewing angles plus sheer perfection even though from outside. That is something that many other phones struggle to do well.

In conclusion, I believe that the company has used a combination of different segmentation factors to reach and address the needs of the target market. Samsung Galaxy S2 has been marketed through demographic, behavioral, and psychographic segmentation to different customers. I believe that in order to differentiate the product, the company has chosen this target market on the basis of dynamic needs of consumers. The S2 target market combines mainly students, business professionals, and people who love entertainment. Therefore, it is vital that the product incorporates essential features to capture the heart and minds of its target market. As a result of the customized features, the S2 has successfully captured the target market, and the company has recorded massive profits.

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