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Poaching of Employees & Retaining of Staff

Poaching of Employees & Retaining of Staff

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Recruitment, selection and retention are critical elements of human resource planning. Only plausible human resource strategies allow organizations to achieve their goals. Thus, human resource offices ensure that there is availability of competent, healthy, motivated, diverse, and well-organized personnel. However, owing to competition in the workplace, there is always a lot of poaching amongst companies.

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In the current times, the emphasis is placed on attracting as well as retaining high performing workers has experienced colossal attention not only by Human Resource officials but also by line managements. One of the reasons for high poaching among companies is due to attractive working conditions and remuneration schemes. International companies that offer high salary packages tend to attract the most talented and skilled workforce. In addition, poaching of employees occurs as a result of attractive incentives such as bonus, insurance schemes, and medical facilities thus encouraging motivation,

As an IHRM, I will ensure that recruitment and selection are based on job analysis. After analyzing the required skills, the human resource department should search for the right candidates to fill vacancie. The recruitment process is often continuous. Habitually, the most preferred strategy to streamline recruitment, selection and retention within organizations is policy. Through policy instruments, organizations design the best approaches that help in attracting, motivating and retaining workers (Jones & Dorcus, 2012).


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After the recruitment or selection process of employees, retaining them is also crucial for an organization. Retention involves deliberate efforts to influence employees to stay in an organization. Organizations understand the worth of retaining highly skilled employees. Pay or salaries are pivotal in making of decisions of employees about staying or leaving an organization (Edenborough, 2007). Although, salary is a critical incentive for staying longer in organizations, the truth is that workers do not have pay as their only inspiration. Consequently, organizations need to come up with better strategies to ensure that workers serve organizations as long as possible.

As an IHRM, there are several mechanisms that can be applied to ensure effective and recruitment of employees. Delegation is an effective strategy that is used in retention of employees. Delegation makes members feel valued within organizations, and reduce poaching of employees. When delegating, the first step is to match people with tasks.

Motivation is a strategy that plays a pivotal role in the selection, recruitment and retention processes off organizations (Jones & Dorcus, 2012). Motivation is a primary concern in organizational management. Thus, a manager of an organization needs to motivate members. Fundamental assumptions that one makes regarding the workplace influence how motivation is done. If a manager believes that members of a team are lazy, then, using a hard approach is preferable, and vice-versa. However, when dealing with highly self-motivated individuals, manager would have an easy task.

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Encouraging competition is another effective way of retaining employees. Competition is a key attribute that spurs productivity among workers (Edenborough, 2007). As such, in organizations, members compete. In the process of competition, levels of productivity increase, leading to growth in the overall output of an organization. This view supports the assumption that when an individual works harder, it leads to an increase in productivity. An increase in an individual’s level of productivity translates to an overall increase in an organizational performance.

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