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Diabetes and Its Risk Factors

Diabetes and Its Risk Factors

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Current presentation has different purposes aiming at reaching the target audience and informing it on the most widespread risk factors of diabetes. The presentation has a goal of using the diversity of explanations, examples, and definitions, which create an overview of diabetes aand its risk factors. Further, the audience will be capable of evaluating each risk factor alongside with types of diabetes, which greatly depend on the life stage of the individual. In general, the presentation aims at reaching its target goal by making the target audience aware of the dangers caused by their lifestyles, which can lead to diabetes.

The target audience of the presentation is broad. However, the primary target audience includes students. In general, it can be a presentation for a broad audience, including children, students, and adults. The informational background can be applied in both healthcare and educational institutions. It has an informative character and aims at preventing the target audience from putting their lives at risk. Finally, the target audience does not have a specific occupation as long as the disease can affect every person regardless of age, social status, or occupation.

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The significance of the chosen topic is obvious. It provides the audience with the informational background of diabetes, which can help avoid activities and habits potentially ruining a healthy life. Diabetes is also a widespread diagnosis, which makes it more difficult to survive and live according to the normal lifestyle. Awareness of the audience on the risk factors is an expected method which can reduce the number of cases involving diabetes. In general, it is necessary for everyone to know the essence of the disease, which streams from the routine activity of every individual.

Plan of the Presentation

Diabetes is a common disease, which penetrates the contemporary world and worries millions of people for diferent reasons. Diabetes is a form of a metabolic disease accompanied by a high level of sugar in blood over a long period. It is not difficult to diagnose diabetes. The major symptoms of diabetes include increased hunger, increased thirst, and frequent urination. There is a need to analyze risk factors, which can threaten health of people not even suspecting that they may face the difficulty of combating diabetes. Current discussion is an evaluation of the factors related to the disease and the possibility of falling in the risk group. As long as there are three types of diabetes, the following discussion reveals the essence of each type and describes the diversity of risk factors associated with diabetes.

The three types of diabetes are type 1, type 2, and the final type – gestational. All three types of diabetes result in the fact that a body cannot produce or use insulin. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) spread the recent information on the statistics of diabetes worldwide.


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In order to evaluate the risk of having diabetes, there is a need to learn more about each factor, which can lead to its development. Each type has its factors, which have a reflection in the following discussion.

Type 1 diabetes starts its development in childhood. It is a phenomenon related to the impossibility of pancreas to produce insulin (Shi, Thethi & Zhao, 2013). The main factors that cause such problem are family history, diseases of pancreas, and infection or illness. If a family includes or included members with diabetes, it is most likely that other family members will have the same health problem. Siblings, parents, or grandparents can be the ones suffering from diabetes, which can continue its spread over time (Al-Rubeaan, 2010). The easiest way to check it is to use the services of the nearest hospital and make a blood test. Diseases of pancreas can also lead to diabetes. In the rarest cases, illnesses may lead to diabetes due to a difficult healing process. However, such illnesses are rare and it is most likely that the contemmporary medicine will do everything to minimize the negative influence of the risk factor.

Type 2 diabetes has a diverse section of risk factors, which lead to the development of the disease. The main peculiarity of a given type is that it affects adults in the majority of cases. However, it is possible to face the problem at any life stage. It also means that human body stops producing insulin and cannot accept it. In medicine, this term is called insulin resistance. Obesity is the first risk factor, which has a significant influence on human organism. Nowadays, teenagers and children increased the amount of people suffering from diabetes due to obesity problems. Impaired glucose tolerance is another precondition of diabetes, which can have its analysis with the help of a blood test. High blood pressure can also become a reason for type 2 diabetes. Women may also have preconditions of diabetes such as polycystic ovary syndrome, which increases the chances of facing the disease. Finally, age, sedentary lifestyle, and lack of exercises can lead to the development of diabetes.

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Gestational diabetes, in its turn, has such risk factors as age, overweight, family history, and ethnicity. All the above-mentioned risk factors refer to women, especially to those, who were overweight before pregnancy. Women older than 25 years old increase their risk to have diabetes by every year. In terms of ethnicity, black, American Indian, Hispanic, and Asian representatives have a high chance to suffer from gestational diabetes (Yuen, 2015).

In conclusion, it is necessary to notice that the discussion successfully outlined the essence of diabetes and its three types. A detailed consideration of each type and its risk factors allowed having a clear vision of the strategies that should be used by each individual from the risk group in order to avoid the disease. In addition, statistics intensified the effect of the disease’s scale and its spread all over the world. It increased the need to pay attention to diabetes and do all possible to reduce it.

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