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Theoretical Basis for the Solution: CRM in Sunroc Building Materials, Inc.

Free «Theoretical Basis for the Solution: CRM in Sunroc Building Materials, Inc.» Essay Sample

Theoretical basis for the solution focuses on the customer relationship management (CRM) in Sunroc Building Materials, Inc. More so, it analyses how CRM manages interaction with both current and future clients within the organization. The company focuses on application of technology in organizing, automating, and synchronizing the sales lead and bidding processes. In Sunroc, positive customer relation is the core for the firm’s success. The enterprise applies various methods in ensuring that it sustains good relationship with clients in the long run. The concern does not only work with the current customers but includes the future clients.

CRM involves practices, strategies, and technologies that company uses in managing and analyzing customer interaction and data throughout his or her lifespan. The reason behind the use of CRM is the urge to maintain proper client relationship for the firm’s benefit. Sunroc Company has laid out proper procedures to ensure that its customers get instant solution for their problems. The organization has employed a number of ways to help in maintaining its relation with the clients. The most emphasized areas include hiring someone specifically trained to follow the process from start to finish, utilizing the computer system to track, report and follow through, possibility of charging for bids and giving credit back if they went with SUNROC, training a person to do take offs on all products: doors, windows, decks, trusses, lumber, so they do not go to several different locations and get lost.

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Hiring someone specifically trained to follow the process from start to finish is one approach the company plans to employ in achieving good customer relationship. The process entails identification of qualified personnel to perform the duty. Sunroc needs to track its customers’ information that is, in turn, used in improving its operations. The best way to achieve the plan is by developing a database that can reveal much information concerning the issue. The matter calls for employment of IT experts capable of developing programs that can be used in achieving this mission. More so, the experts will be able to analyze the information obtained. On accomplishing the process, the organization will then identify what the customers like and what they do not. The company will, thereafter, remain capable of satisfying clients’ needs. Upon successful achievement of this objective, the organization stands a chance of enjoying good customer relationship. Sunroc remains vigilant on the matter and works towards realization of the same.


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Another aspect of ensuring customer relationship in Sunroc is by utilizing its computer system so it can track, report and follow through. Keeping track of the clients sounds important for this organization. It does not borrow from the idea of meeting with customers only when they have specific demands. To the contrary, the company looks at it from the perspective of tracking and keeping clear client information. It helps in providing the management with relevant information for the success of the firm as a whole. Business not only does not stop at the tracking point but, extends to giving customers opportunity of airing their concerns to the enterprise. It seems a noble idea when an organization can possess all the details of every client. Communication with customers boosts their loyalty to the business which makes them more confident in its product and services. Sunroc Company focuses on ensuring that more clients develop trust with its operations. More so, it provides better quality every moment clients raise complaints. It is on these grounds that the company ensures that it maintains good relationship with the customers and it has to remain a going concern. Clients normally provide good grounds for the success of any form of business operation.

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Furthermore, possibility of charging for bids and giving credit back it they went with SUNROC. Since the company looks for a better relationship with customers, it works towards eliminating stumbling blocks in achieving its mission. One factor of challenge is charging for bids when advertising various posts. Many clients may not like it when they are heavily charged for participating in the company’s activities. Charging bids makes other customers develop negative attitude towards the enterprise. In ensuring that the organization retains its clients, it has done away with those bids that negatively impact on its operations. It, therefore, aims at making the system favorable for the company’s customers. The act of charging bids and giving credit back has remained a night dream in Sunroc organization. It remains clear that eliminating such factors help in harmonizing customer’s attitude towards the company. When a plan is realized then the firm stands a chance of performing well in terms of its operations. The ultimate goal of any business entity relies on reaping maximum benefit from its undertakings. It, therefore, implies that most duties performed in an organization should place customers at the centre. Another principle according to which Sunroc operates is training a person to do take offs on all products: doors, windows, decks, trusses, and lumber so they do not go to several different locations and get lost. Gaining a deeper insight into most of the products makes it possible for the organization to track all the information that it needs accurately and promptly. Since it involves working with qualified personnel, the anticipated output remains of high quality. Sunroc focuses on tracking customer related information. Its capability of getting the required data depends on the number of sources it uses for it. On the other perspective, product advertisements call for the use of a variety of channels in communicating the relevant message. For a company to effectively implement this, it needs to operate with a number of channels. Using diversified areas in enticing customers ensure that Sunroc reaches many people who may turn out to be its potential clients. When it happens it would mean that the organization commands a wide base in terms of its customers. As mentioned before, the number of clients determines the business turnover at the end of the day. Far from the above operations, the organization’s management has employed such factors as providing online communication service with the customers, and operating customer service centres that assist them in solving their issues. More so, Sunroc provides the clients with an input and direct handling of customers’ problem services. For instance, when a client has a problem, he or she can communicate it by simply typing and pressing the button to send it to the organization. It is from these services that Sunroc interacts with its customers’ on perpetual basis. Online communication is one aspect that enables the company to get immediate feedback from the consumers. Sunroc uses both comments and needs of the customers to adjust its services. CRM operates on four main grounds. These principles include support, sales, marketing and feedback. Sales automation plays a crucial part in Sunroc Building Materials, Inc. Sales sectors perform sales promotion analysis that enables the company to identify potential customers. More so, it allows the firm to track clients’ records that facilitates its day-to-day operations. The company has succeeded in automating the tracking of the buyer’s account details. It gets information through analyzing the history of an individual’s account. The management then uses the information obtained in identifying possible areas of adjustment so as to meet every customer’s needs. Through sales automation, the company has succeeded in coordinating both sales and marketing. Furthermore, it is able to control its various personnel in the call centers and retail outlets. By properly coordinating its activities, the company has managed to track its customers’ demands and provide timely solutions.

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Sunroc Building Materials, Inc. applies the use of data warehouse technology in gathering substantial information regarding its clients. From such information, the company performs analyses on the customers’ behavior (Baran, Galka, and  97). When a firm is able to gather enough information about its clients it stands a chance of adjusting to them accordingly. Data is one import item in a company that it must store appropriately. Availability of information has enabled Sunroc to possess substantive information about its clients. The company has used the data to secure strong relationship with the current customers and to lure future ones. The main role of data warehouse technology is to provide aggregate information regarding individual clients. Once the information gathered proves adequate, the company utilizes it in adjusting its relationship with the customers. The information obtained is vital in that the enterprise merges it with the client relationship management products. It then performs analysis on the details obtained to come up with a conclusive remark. From the analysis, the company uses the results as performance indicators in the organization. By gathering detailed information, keeping strong customer relationship has become a little challenge for the firm. Sunroc Building Materials, Inc. boosts its relationship with clients through the process of opportunity management. Proper analysis of data provides the company with areas of opportunities if it adjusts its operations. As a firm it uses such possibilities for continuity of business operations. When the company detects any single opportunity, it performs deep analysis into the matter so as to come up with positive conclusions. Inferences act as indicators of possibilities in its line of trade. Using such chances, Sunroc remains capable of managing unpredictable growth and demand. One can only manage uncertainties through proper predictions. It is based on such precedence that Sunroc forecasts on curbing any future failure by focusing on possible happenings. The ultimate goal of a prediction is to enable implementation of a proper forecasting model with the high possibility of integrating sales history with the sales projections of the firm. The projection information proves vital for Sunroc Company since it avails hints on future operations. The quantity of sales for any business depends on the number of clients with interest in its goods and services. What boosts customer relationship in a company is tracking of client’s information. The details obtained this way provide enough grounds for adjustments. Synchronizing the sales lead and bidding processes is another critical idea that the company applies for its successful relations with clients. It gives consumers an indication of fairness when tackling matters of sales.

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In conclusion, Customer Relationship Management is a key factor of consideration if a company needs to register exemplary performance in its duties. The organization has many factors in place to ensure that it remains successful. Some of the aspects discussed include hiring someone specifically trained to follow the process from start to finish and utilizing the computer system to track, report, and follow through among others. Sunroc Building Materials, Inc. depends on proper customer relationship as a secret of its success in the distribution of its commodities. The company hopes to increase its sales by over fifty percent when its relationship with clients goes up by the same percentage. Sunroc can only achieve this if it focuses on its sales accurately.

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