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Providence (RI) Elderlies Aggregate

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Providence (RI) elderlies serve as an effective aggregate for the present project. There are a lot of healthcare topics related to this group to be discussed. This paper covers phase 3 and 4 of the project and determines strengths and weaknesses of the mentioned aggregate, as well as the way healthcare risk assessments of this group can be conducted.

The greatest weaknesses and strengths of the examined aggregate will be determined on the basis of a previous research and several articles. Burke (2015) reports that many senior inhabitants of RI live in poverty and uninsured. Elderlies are not aware of the services they can have. In spite of all these details, RI’s governor states that “Rhode Island spends “significantly more” on its elderly than other states. Our average annual spending on elderly enrollees was reportedly 65 percent higher than the national average ($26,760 compared with $16,162)” (Burke, 2015, para.2). The local medical professionals declare that this is the information associated with the previous administration, who gave incorrect reports, and in reality the sums are smaller than the national expenditures (Burke, 2015). The answer from the governor is fixed in the article by Creigg (2015). The author informs that according to the new governmental plan, Medicaid for RI will be reduced by $128.8 (Creigg, 2015). This fact will lead to firing hundreds of people. Nursing home owners affirm that “We have a lot of sick, elderly people in these nursing homes and when you look at what you have to do…<[….] 90 per cent of our employees are mothers. Single mothers” (Creigg, 2015, para. 6). According to the new governmental plan, Medicaid for RI will be reduced by $128.8 (Creigg, 2015). So, the weak point of Rhode Island elderlies is the absence of appropriate financing aimed at building more nursing homes and offering more services. The greatest strength of the aggregate is the fact that the RI Division of elderly affairs knows about the problems and elaborates corresponding programs, cooperates with numerous outside agencies, which are indifferent to RI elderly health problem.

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MAP-IT of Providence (RI) Aggregate


A coalition (organization, partnership) to implement healthcare intervention will be created. State of Rhode Island Department of Human Services and its Division of Elderly Affairs will take part in creating a new body. An effective coalition could be a cooperation of the mentioned department with all Providence hospitals that offer services for elderly care. Together they could develop a long-term plan of healthcare improvements for elderlies.


An aggregate needs proper assessment of its weak points and resources. The weak points of an aggregate are namely lack of financing, and all the consequences of this process were mentioned above. The priority health issues for Providence and RI elderlies, according to the statistical data given within previous phases, are cardiovascular diseases, lung problems, and different cancers.


The plan of intervention will include the creation of a special council of medical and social professionals, representing elderly healthcare and Division of Elderly Affairs. This council will develop a program for the nearest five years of improving senior healthcare that will include getting more financial resources to build nursing homes, and preventive activities for the mentioned diseases that will be free for the senior population of Providence.


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The representatives of elderly health care will read lectures for elderlies and nursing staff about preventive medicine. Senior inhabitants of Providence will get more information as to where they can have free check-ups. The officials of the Division of elderly Affairs will elaborate their own financial plans for building new nursing homes and present them to the government, trying to justify healthcare needs of RI. This group will also be responsible for hiring workforce.


In case of an intervention being successful, Division of Elderly Affairs will keep track of the corresponding outcomes. It will collect statistical data as for the number of cardiovascular, cancer, etc. elderly patients, deaths caused by these states and a number of senior citizens, who managed to access new nursing homes.

Friedman Family Assessment

The interviewed family lives in Providence, R.I. This is a white American family, consisting of J.S (40 years old), his wife E.S. (37 years old), and their small daughter who is 4 years old as well as 65 years old mother. J.S. and E.S. have been married for eight years. J.S. has a college degree and owns a small shop. E.S. has a high school education and is a housewife, looking after their small daughter, M.S. J.S.’s mother – O.S. is a pensioner. The family, environment, home, and risk assessments were conducted with the help of an interview of all family members, with the exception of a small daughter. The main aim of this family assessment is evaluating all aspects of each member life and formulating main health risks for them. Stanhope and Lancaster (2012) state that “in a health risk appraisal, individuals supply information about their health practices, demographic characteristic and their family medical history <[…>] (p. 381). Environmental assessment of the chosen family is positive. They keep their home clean and fulfill the majority of the points, listed for the interview. O.S. helps J.S. to look after a small girl. The family has many friends, living nearby, with whom they regularly communicate. They are generally satisfied with the level of healthcare they get. The family has health-insurance and use the services of Roger Williams Medical Center. The most stressful situations in the family are created for J.S., because of the economic crisis and low level of sales. However, a strong point of this family is their ability to share their joys and sorrows, doubts, emotions and a developed feeling of closeness.

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