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Issues in Public Safety Management

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In the United States of America, there are several departments that serve to address the concerns in public safety. For instance, there is providence for safety monitoring in emergency issues for each state. Risk management functions to evaluate, prioritize and identify risks that would affect the organization’s capacity. It uses a wide range of control measures in eliminating and reducing the likelihood of facing an undesirable result. Risks can occur in form of hazards, which affect the loss or damage brought about by natural phenomena. The second risk is strategic risk that focuses on the subsequent damages or loss that hinders the achievement of an organization’s goals. This paper studies the services provided by Campbell County Department of Public Safety, Emergency Services Agency (EMS) section.

Emergency Services Agency (EMS) gives services for the public that prevent unwanted results like injury or death. This is a division within the Campbell County Department of Public Safety. This department offers practices by paramedics and easy transportation for emergency cases. It works with the aim of reducing the rates of illnesses and injuries. The plan was developed in order to manage external and internal risks affecting the community. There has been no single way in which managing risks can be effectively done. The ability of an organization to effectively manage its risks depends on the nature of its risk management plan.

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The need to have an effective plan that addresses the public need in its consumer led the Campbell County in creating a unique plan. The plan goes through an annual rigorous evaluation that attempts to better its suitability for the public. Risk management is deeply rooted in the general trust that civilians possess in a service. When there are emergency cases in the streets of Campbell, services ranging from pre-medical attention to ease of transportation are delivered by the EMS.

The risk management plan devised in service for the public is in compliance with requirements of other related agencies. For instance, it falls in line with the needs of National Fire Protection Association- 1500. The plan does not just serve to work in line with other stipulations, but has to meet other elements. There has to be an annual review of the operations that the EMS is conducting. It also faces review for any impacts that might have resulted from either catastrophic or significant incidents. There is also the aspect of having to comply with the Health and Safety Officer. Additional to these requirements, it is needed to undergo an update and review by the Occupational Safety and Health Policy Program departments. The current operational Standard Operating Procedures also go through an evaluation. The system is very stringent as the public safety is also a key item for the community.


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This risk management plan consists of various components that ensure its effectiveness. Identifying the risk is one component followed by evaluating the risk. This involves a process of determining the likelihood of the risk occurring. The impact of the risk is also accounted for in the evaluation. Prioritizing the risk works on developing the degree of hazard from gaging the severity of happening.  Controlling the risk follows after; it uses an approach in creating control measures aiming at solving the potential of the hazard in public. These measures are taken through a step in risk monitoring that simply provides an evaluation procedure. The advantage in this initiative is that it takes up a number of strategies that enables it to achieve the set objectives. It is unique that this plan in risk management gives an allocation for an annual evaluation. It is based on the severity of the potential hazard. In essence it caters for areas like illnesses and occupational exposures thus defending the safety of the public.

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Risks involved in an organization are addressed as per the different structures adapted by its system. It also looks into areas in public transportations, precisely vehicle operations and non-emergency issues. This provision is a high dependability factor that puts most of the public’s concern at rest. It is not just focused on the obvious public threats in health but also touches on analyzing severity of the hazard. Within this department, responsibilities have been given to managers so that there is a keen realization of goals. The plan offers a standard safety for the operations in Campbell County Department of Public Safety. It gives parameters that describe how activities are to be conducted in both emergency and non-emergency incidences. All members in the organization are expected to carry operations with diligence within the standards that are provided. The members are promised a quick and reliable service that dictates other participation like vehicle maintenance, wearing protective clothing as standard procedure.

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The manager for EMS has got responsibilities that are vital for efficient management. He is the department’s health and safety officer. The annual revision and management carried out on the Risk Management Plan falls in the manager’s list of responsibilities. On a general scale, the health and safety of members relies on their degree of commitment in meeting the set standards of EMS. It is imperative that proper training of members is offered in good time as it translates to the level of preparation in this plan. These members are required to acknowledge the policies and regulations that are created by EMS in service.

The weakness of this plan is that there is no involvement in the public’s part. The public being the victim ought to be enlightened on the idea. It is crucial that key processes in spreading the information be taken up. For the public to accept the role of EMS, the county ought to create sufficient awareness into the plan. It is crucial as the response of the public will be boosted when how to seek help would be public knowledge. Another thing in the plan that retards its intention is the seemingly long training that has to be given to members before they begin working. Training is not practical in most scenarios as the real world possesses many surprises that discourage participation.

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