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Human Resource Competencies

Human Resource Competencies

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1st response to Breanna

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I agree with Breanna that human resource managers require people skills more as opposed to technical skills to communicate and manage the welfare of employees. This is especially vital in multinational organizations, which employees people from diverse backgrounds. Therefore, both written and verbal communications are essential competencies of HR managers. I also agree that training skills and employee development are crucial competencies for HR managers. Finally, I also agree with Breanna that cross team facilitation is extremely vital especially in global organizations. This is because employees come from different countries and speak different languages. Therefore, HR managers must have the competency of team building to help them unite employees to work together amidst diversity (Bohlander, 2010). The bible scripture that support the competencies of human resource managers is 2Corinthians 3:5 “Although people think they are sufficient in themselves and claim to know everything, the real competence comes from the lord.&rdqu;

2nd response to Candace


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I agree with Candace posting that the human resource is a key department to any organization. On the international business environment, human resource managers must have the competency and skill of understanding cross cultural settings. Since they work with employees from all over the globe, HR mangers must develop effective strategies of harnessing the talents and skills of the workforce. As a result of globalization, technology has become a prerequisite for organizational performance (Anthony & Perrewe, 2006). I also agree with Candace that multinational organizations are embracing technology to achieve their goals. Since HR managers require strategic planning to succeed in global environments, the bible scripture that supports this assertion is Isaiah 32:88 “Noble men make righteous plans, and by noble deeds they stand.” This means that, with strategic planning, HR managers are able to provide direction for the company, and effective management of its employees to remain competitive.

3rd response to Rosa

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In responding to Rosa’s posting, I agree that human resource competencies such as training and personal skills are extremely imperative for any human resource manager. In a global environment, performance development and management is necessary for enhancing productivity and competitiveness. I also agree with Rosa that employees must be regularly trained to improve on their skills and make them more competitive in a global environment. Therefore, employees must be given training opportunities through seminars and conferences for international exposure and career development (Noe, 2006). The bible scripture that best illustrates training and development of employees is Proverbs 24:27 “people should prepare to work outside, get ready to prepare the fields, and build a house.” This verse illustrates that human resource managers should prepare employees by exposing them to training opportunities. This will advance their skills, make them more productive and enhance productivity of the entire organization.

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