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Category: Society


Civilization is a term that has been used in various relevant and irrelevant contexts for ages. Many people relate civilization to the society’s state, nature…

The Influence of Blogosphere on the Society and Arguments Regarding Blogging

Introduction Most revolutions that have happened in the past 20 years came about as an effect of writing. First there appeared emails, web pages, text…

Interface of Domestic and International Terrorism: Cyber Terrorism

Introduction The post 9/11 period has seen a lot of concern over the security of the governing apparatus and its preparedness in the face of…

Social Psychology

1. How does group membership – even in minimal groups – contribute to prejudice and discrimination? Group membership is a small society which has its…

Exercise One

1. Person G should receive extra retirement income from the government. This person was working on a company during all his life. When he retired,…

Inequality in America

The modern US society is characterized by social inequalities of gender, ethnicity, age, and other characteristics. Economic, spatial, and social types of inequality are interrelated…
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