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Teamwork Benefits

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Organizations are always growing from sole management to group management making them large size. The network of the departments for big sized organization becomes complicated, and the need to come up with a structure occurs. The networked structure of the organization has to incorporate all the sub-systems and work as the one main system. The main element that bonds the organization fabric to give the power of working together is Teamwork. The team comprises of people with combination of work experiences from different backgrounds, cultures, professional backgrounds and emotional resilience at work. When there is a team consideration, organizations are able to articulate their operation issues efficiently and effectively.

Teamwork leads to reduced staff turnover. It is expensive for organizations to experience a high turnover rate. Organizations prefer hiring professionals and maintaining them for a long time. There are many benefits of less turn over. Employees that stay long in the organization will always understand the procedures of operations in the organization. People become friends and can work and share information because they have some common stories and trust for being together as workmates for a long time. The reduced staff turnover helps to safeguard the image of the organization. Many organizations that experience a high staff turnover suffer from a bad reputation (Baker et al., 2006). It is seen that in some firms, employees work for many years and retire at old age with a lot of satisfaction and respect for the organization.

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Teamwork also leads to improved organizational image and reputation. It is also easier for an employee to safeguard the secrets of an organization where he is sure to work for a long time and go to extend of painting a good picture of the organization in the eyes of the other competitors. Image is something and not anything. Many organizations pride themselves for being the best employers and retainers of their employees. This alone aids the organizations to enjoy quality of professionals from the job market, as people work hard to be the part of a good team. It is common and of human nature for many people to associate themselves with the best achievers or winners. Organizations simply get clients due to a reputation (Hackman 1990). The British Airlines, Kenya Airways in Africa and Delta airlines in the United States are some of the examples of organizations that have great names world over. It is believed that their good image comes from internal structures.

Improved work quality and quantity. Many organizations are known for their products. Many international companies, such as IBM, Apple, Boeing, Microsoft Corporation and BMW have earned the mark of quality. The organizations have keen and quality oriented employees who devote all their energies to them (Hall & Weaver 2001). The value of team work has brought the larger outlook of quality, which maintains the organizations making them leaders in the market. It is not simple for a firm to penetrate the market and command sales for a long time without providing quality. Emirate Airlines, KLM and Lufthansa are just but a few among the airline industry organizations that have managed to provide quality service that maintains them a float. The maintenance of employees makes them comfortable with their positions and workplaces. It takes them some time to become specialists in their area of work making them work like machines (DeChurch et al., 2010). As employees work like machines, the number of units produced at a given time doubles making the organization enjoy the economies of scale.


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Teamwork has also a profound impact on the individual level. Teamwork leads to creation of relationships. Good relationship at work encompasses mutual understanding, friendship, and corporation in undertaking different or related work procedures (West 2012). A good relation amid the executives and workers creates an atmosphere where information is shared and there is no tension or demeaning attitude towards others. Enhanced relationship at work leads to speed in processes making the organization produce a lot and enjoy the economies of scale.

To sum up, the morals of individuals are always high with teamwork. An organization working in team spirit always takes the lead and promotes corporation amongst the employers and employees. Motivated workers give their full potential to the organization and pursue personal development with a lot of confidence. Thus, the element of team work cannot be wished away but appreciated and used for organizational success.

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