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Exploratory essay samples

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Communications and Media essay

      Popularity refers to the quality of something being enjoyed, liked, and accepted by a large part of the population. There are a number of factors that contribute to the popularity of something. Although the reputation comes from people, it can be directed to various objects ...

Figurative Language essay

Figurative language serves as a method of description of the world from the other point of view. It is usually used in literary texts and in poetries. The main aim is to show the new acceptation of the surroundings and to highlight the senses. Sometimes, the examples of the figurative language can ...

Human Cloning essay

A famous American couple was involved in a grisly road accident in the evening of the wedding day. After the wedding ceremony, the couple was going to Singapore for their honeymoon. However, as a fate would have it, the wife survived with minor injuries while the husband who was on the driving seat ...

Human Rights: The Past, Present & Future essay

The field of human rights has continually grown in scope since its inception after the World War II. Whereas primordial roles of the United Nations and other international organizations have never been in any doubt at all, what has sometimes not been remarkably clear is the exact extent of the role ...

Internet Job Seeking essay

In modern times, the use of the internet for job seeking has become a norm as a result of its efficiency. For this coursework, I visited LinkedIn and Yahoo search engine sites since they are mostly utilized by job seekers. In terms of comparison, the two search engines are similar, because they ...

Personal Happiness and the Happiness of Others essay

Human happiness is one of the greatest mysteries of mankind. Everyone strives to be happy, and if it is impossible, they either convince themselves and others that they are happy or believe that there is no happiness in nature. Thus, it creates confusion when unhappy people teach the others how to ...

Pollution essay

In nowadays world pollution occupies one of the first and the most pivotal places among the global problems. Pollution is a process of discharging of pollutants into the atmosphere that causes divergent changes. In other words pollution is a kind of a supplement to the environment which in all ...

Relationships essay

In everyday life of people, relationships are extremely valuable. In this essay, I will use my own example to list the three most influential factors I considered when forming relationships. Important Factors to Consider when Forming Relationships The main factor I considered is the appearance ...

Restriction of Free Speech on the Internet essay

Internet censorship is a hot topic which has in the past few years garnered much of public attention. This act of controlling and suppressing access to information on the web has generated a heated public debate with some supporting it while others opposing. The extent of free speech on the ...

The Causes for the Mexican War essay

The Mexican-American war was caused by three main factors namely manifest destiny, Texas crisis that incorporated slavery, and the westward American expansion. The primary reason for the Mexican-American war was California and Texas. In 1836, when Texas broke away from Mexico, it was regarded as a ...

The Impact of Divorce on Preschool, School Age & Adolescent Children essay

The term attachment has been defined as an emotional connectedness between people. The attachment theory was developed by psychologist John Bowlby in 1969. He argued that when children form early bonds with their parents or caregivers, they have a positive outlook and the impact continue throughout ...

The Problem of Bullying essay

Nowadays more and more educators and parents around the world are very concerned with a problem which is getting more and more widespread among teenagers. This severe concern is about bullying – an unwelcome rude behavior which mostly include some sort of isolation, sometimes even physical ...
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