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In everyday life of people, relationships are extremely valuable. In this essay, I will use my own example to list the three most influential factors I considered when forming relationships.

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Important Factors to Consider when Forming Relationships

The main factor I considered is the appearance because first “impressions” are extremely crucial. In addition to how people look, I considered having friends who are neat in terms of clothing and hygiene, since they provide good company. I also considered similarity, because people with similar interests tend to be close friens and share a lot. I regarded education highly because having friends of the same educational level enables people to share a lot and challenges at school. I was also comfortable having friends with whom it was possible to share the same hobbies and interests, because it was easy to understand each other and communicate. Additionally, I was more comfortable in a group of people who were competent in subjects that I found difficult. The reason was that I could borrow some traits and improve my grades through sharing ideas and enriching each other.


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Relational Transgressions

The term relational transgression refers tto a condition where implicitly or explicitly of people violate rules in their relationship. In my own relationship, I have committed a deliberate vs. unintentional relational transgression. When my friend Sarah was young, she was involved in a delinquent act of shoplifting from a supermarket, but we kept the secret between us. However, when we had disagreement, and she hurt my feelings, I revealed her secret to take a revenge on her.  As a result of my actions, our friendship was affected. After she refused to forgive me, I asked for help from her elder brother who helped in reconciling us. She forgave me, and we became best friends again. I also promised never to violate our friendship rules again. 

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