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The Problem of Bullying

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Nowadays more and more educators and parents around the world are very concerned with a problem which is getting more and more widespread among teenagers. This severe concern is about bullying – an unwelcome rude behavior which mostly include some sort of isolation, sometimes even physical actions against others; actions when one is either treated differently or just being humiliated. The problem of bullying is that in the most cases it happens in schools with pupils, when some of them are treated differently either because of their family status or even jut because they have their own opinion on life, different from others lifestyle.

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There is a theory that in the most cases the bullying ones are women not men and here come the first reason of bullying – gender. It is believed that men are mostly the ones who have bullied others; moreover if men are doing this, action of bullying in that case happens mostly physically. According to some researchers the role of gender in bullying is just that women are more moral human-beings, from the very childhood they are taught to avoid confrontations, be kinder, try to hold on their anger or irritation; while male human-beings are mostly taught to get away from their negative thoughts and negative feelings with the help of their physical strength, they are taught to just punch their problems. Men are more freed in their actions, while women are made to express their feelings and emotion in some other ways. Other reasons of bullying could quite vary from cultural to some family issues, from social circumstances to other provocations. Nowadays society is building by following certain ways that can cause bullying, for example there exist dozens of motivational programs which tells people that they need to gain some power, they need to fight, to win over circumstances, so one could get its success in life, to build their own position in society. Moreover it does not depend on whether one is at school, at home or at his workplace, bullying can happen everywhere. What is matter are the aftereffects of these actions and they can vary from bad ones to very bad ones. There are many researchers that name suicide as one of these effects. In the United Kingdom there is statistics that every year exactly because of bullying from tenth to twenty children has committed suicide. Another effect of bullying could count violence in. As the result of bullying, for example, in adolescent age it is proved that more and more tormented children or children who have got violated can become either serial killers or just adults with a damaged psycho system. However there is also evidence that bullying can be considered as a good thing with positive results. It is believed that bullying could children some lessons of living in nowadays cruel society and gives them some strength to carry on in the future. It is even believed that teachers should not prevent bullying in these cases then. Still despite all positive results mentioned above, one should not forget that in any case bullying would cause a depression or some other psychological trauma. There are also certain policies to prevent bullying, the verbal policies and not physical ones. In some states in the US there are even laws that forbid bullying.

The definition and perception of bullying has changed along with times. That is why it is possible to control bullying at school, at workplace, but with anti bullying policies it is very hard to reach family and an education which family can give. So it is a very important thing from the very birth to teach children right and in a normal way not using any other bullying actions that can cause traumas in future.

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