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School Uniform

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As the first day of school approaches everyone’s home, there comes always a choice to what school uniform one’s children should wear. Every parent wants their children to feel not only comfortable in the new uniform, but also for them to look prestigious in it. Moreover every parent also should take into consideration that there are schools, especially private ones that requires a special school uniform. Some parents might think that it is not a good idea to have such rules according the school uniform, but others could think that such rules have a positive only meaning. So, what are the good and bad sides of school uniform and is it a good thing to have a current school uniform at all?

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Almost in every school one of the most important things is the style of this certain school and its reputation according to this style. The more you have, the richer things you wear, the richer technology schools have, the better reputation these schools will have among parents too. As it is said in the well-known idiom - a good dress is a card of invitation, a good mind is a letter of recommendation. That is why with the help of school uniforms, students will have an opportunity to get to know each other concentrating not on the quality of clothes, but on the advantages of mind. Of course some everyday clothes contain different logos and sometimes it is promoting not good things. However exactly school uniform should be strict, and if there are some logos on it, this logo should promote only the certain school and not some drugs or bands like it is used to be put on everyday clothes. With school uniforms all students will look prestigious and similar. That is why school uniform will help students to concentrate not on how rich is the clothes one wears or what brand is this clothes, it will help students to concentrate on studying.

According to the information mentioned above, there are only good sides about wearing school uniforms. It is believed that exactly school uniforms will help to unite all students in one common goal – to make schools’ policy and the behavior among students toward each other better.

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