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This is a proposal about a coffee shop, which I intend to open in the University. The idea of opening a coffee shop was ignited by the realization that, my friends in college spend most of their time chatting and doing their group discussions inside the lecture halls. As a result, I realized that opening a coffee shop in the university will appeal to students and group discussions and assignments end up at the coffee shop. Besides, students will spend a lot of time chatting, sharing experiences, enjoying themselves, relaxing and forming new relationships. Once the coffee shop is opened, it will operate between 7 am to 10 pm on weekdays and starting 7am to 3 pm for the weekends. Initially, there will be three store managers and ten coffee servers.

It is indispensable to note that coffee as a drink plays a vital function since it is widely regarded as a social lubricant. In order to make my coffee shop appealing to students, I will furnish it with modern equipments such as coffee makers, ample sitting space, and comfortable coffee table and chairs. Additionally, I will provide customized services that will allow students to choose the flavor of coffee they need. The coffee shop will provide a variety of coffee drinks blends for students to choose. Some of the coffee drinks in the menu will include iced coffee, English coffee, PapiCoffee, Vienna Coffee, Brandy Coffee, Cappuccino, Americano, Jamaican and Calypso among other flavors of coffee. In addition, the shop will have accompaniments such as cakes, sausages, hamburgers, bread, biscuits among others.

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In order to make the coffee shop attractive to students, I will also incorporate other services such as free Wi-Fi and other loyalty programs. The Wi-Fi service will only be accessible within the radius of the coffee shop. This will ensure that only those students who visit the coffee shop will have the benefit of using the service. Besides, customers will be given the password to access the internet service once they are inside the coffee shop. However, students will be discouraged from surfing away for long hours at the coffee shop at the expense of their studies. Therefore, passwords will be deactivates after every 2 hours to allow other students to visit the coffee shop and enjoy their favorite drink.

The coffee shop will also incorporate loyalty and referral programs to make students enjoy their coffee drinks. For instance, I will develop smart cards that will enable students to earn points for every cup of coffee purchased. Therefore, frequent customers will earn points, which they can redeem at any time for free coffee, cake or any bite they may desire. Additionally, students will earn points on their smart cards for every new customer referred under their name. This will be possible because new clients will be given their own smart cards, and the points accredited to the person who refereed them to the shop.


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The coffee shop will also have a website through which products will be displayed. Through the website, students will have the opportunity to send in messages and provide suggestions regarding the services of the shop. The website will incorporate an interactive chat link to enable real time communication with students. For instance, through the live chat link, students can be able to make orders and request their favorite coffee to be prepared within minutes.

In conclusion, this proposal is meant to be a foundation for he intended coffee shop. Funds for development will be solicited through contributions from friends in college. Besides, with help from the University administration, i will approach a local bank to solicit for a loan that will be used in setting up the coffee shop. I am optimistic that the coffee shop will be successful and extremely appealing to students.

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