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Beckham Makes Winning Debut for PSG

David Beckham is one of the greatest soccer legends known all over the world for his football prowess. In January 2013, the former England captain made his debut for Paris Saint-German (PSG) on a perf...

My Coffee Shop

This is a proposal about a coffee shop, which I intend to open in the University. The idea of opening a coffee shop was ignited by the realization that, my friends in college spend most of their time ...

Diversity in English

Soon we may all need to speak two Standard Englishes, one for local identity and one for communication with the rest of the world. Like many other languages, English language is the combination of sp...

Milan Cathedral

When a person arrives in Milan as a tourist, on business or for shopping, he definitely reaches the main and central square. This square is the heart of the city because if you put an imaginary compas...

School Uniform

As the first day of school approaches everyone’s home, there comes always a choice to what school uniform one’s children should wear. Every parent wants their children to feel not only com...

University of Rochester

The United States of America is a rich land on universities that will give their students proper and accepted everywhere in the world education. One of such universities, that according to the World U...
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