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Diversity in English

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Soon we may all need to speak two Standard Englishes, one for local identity and one for communication with the rest of the world.

Like many other languages, English language is the combination of specific symbols, sounds that characterise only this language. They can be put and used in different ways and variations, so people are able to communicate, express their feelings, ideas, and thoughts. Nowadays English language is an international language, so almost everyone in every country knows at least basics of it. It should be mentioned that nowadays English is still divided into two groups like Standard and Non-standard English. However, what are the reasons of this division? What does Non-standard English mean? Could we say for sure if this division good or bad?

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First, Standard English is the original language without any specific accents or styles. It includes all dialects with their variety of grammar and vocabularies. Standard English is simply that kind of English language that is spoken by the major educated part of community, nation. It is mostly used in news, mass media; taught in schools and universities; there are certain dictionaries and books of it. The only difference in the variety of Standard English is the pronunciation. It depends mostly on the location where this or that kind of Standard English is used. The location of speakers always helps to identify whether it is Standard English or Non-standard. Moreover, more than two billion people speak Standard English that is why it gained international language status. International organizations and airports as well as some countries use Standard English as their official language. Although, English like any other modern language is an actively developing system. For example, there are countries that not only made English as their official language, but also stated that their own variant of the standard one is their own language. While all these Englishes evolve, educated people are searching for the way to enrich their English and use it as fully as possible. Other varieties of English help everyone to communicate even if one has a different way of speaking English. These different ways and different varieties are considered Non-standard English. However, that does not mean that Non-standard English is not prestigious: it is the same English; moreover, it helps us to know our cultures and ways of speaking language better. On the one hand, these Non-standard varieties of language help to understand one’s identity; on the other hand, it helps English to evolve, to prove its global status. The most popular kind of Non-standard English is slang. It is an informal mainstream speech peculiar mostly to the certain group of people. Since there is certain Australian slang, the pronunciation and intonation of certain phrases and words can surely demonstrate that this or that person is from Australia. Moreover, the variety of English languages is amazing: there are American, Canadian, Caribbean, African, and South Asian Englishes, etc. That is why when people speak even the same language, they can do it not in the same way. For example, varieties of English language in America influence its cultural landscape. Moreover, as well as Great Britain, the USA has its Standard English and its varieties like New York City English or Chicano English and one of the most popular variety African American English.

As to the quotation above, I should say that it is truthful. It means that eventually we will probably need to learn several kinds of English slangs and dialects, just to understand each other. Without doubt, Standard English is the most popular language variant, yet there is still a chance that some of its dialects and slangs could spread among people and become popular too. However, no one should forget his or her identity and specific kind of speaking English; as well as do not forget to speak Standard English when it is needed. The solution of this linguistic problem between Standard and Non-standard English is in everyone’s power. No matter where one is from: Scotland, Australia or Africa, try to learn Standard English and its vocabulary and try to practice it.  

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