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Is It Okay to Cry at Work?

Is It Okay to Cry at Work?

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Emotion management in workplaces is a crucial aspect in the success of a business. Employers and employees have been showing their emotions at the working place. For instance, if work is done inappropriately, the employers are likely to express anger. On the other hand, workers think that they should not express their emotions towards their employers. For example, if employers are angry at the workers, they believe that the latter should not show fear. Expressing emotions in an organization can be helpful as well as disadvantageous depending on the situation. The paper aims at discussing how expressing emotions in an organization affects a business’ performance.

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Organization’s management can face hard times at some points in addressing the emotions of its workers. This makes them ineffective in coping with some problems. The complex nature of human thinking is the main reason for an organization’s ineffectiveness in emotion management (Clegg, 2006). Different workers respond differently in similar encounters. An organization finds it hard to adjust to every worker’s emotions. Business culture and etiquette should also contribute to the effective emotion management in an organization. If the business culture is unfavorable for the workers to work in, then they will show an outrage in emotions. This will make it hard for an organization to deal with the emotions of the workers (Buckner & McDowelle, 2002). It has also been difficult for an organization to manage emotions because of the workers’ inability to conceal them. People’s physiological responses make it hard for them to hidetheir emotions in a specific environment.


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Moreover, strategic hiding of emotions would help an organization to achieve more. Laura’s company has been using the policy of strategic concealing of emotions among workers. An organization can achieve more as it saves time that could have been wasted on emotional responses of the workers (Buckner & McDowelle, 2002). Therefore, the organization is able to achieve great things. However, concealing emotions has adverse effects. It leads to the stimulation of stress among the workers. This means that the concealing of emotions among workers would cause more problems to them. The employees will be prone to suffer from health problems because of stress. Therefore, the strategic use of emotions should be minimized in organizations, because it leads to more problems than it solves (Bloch, 2012). Display of emotions accompanied by an organization’s efforts to manage emotions would help in solving such problems.

My personal experience in an organization involving management of emotions was worth remembering. There was more tension among the workers because of the fear of being accused of wrongdoings in their work. On the other hand, the output in the organization was much compared to that of the organizations that never considered emotions in management. Bigger output was a result of the management’s pressure on the workers. Working in an organization where emotions are involved in management has its own advantages and disadvantages. The organization is able achieve more when the workers work under pressure (Härtel, Zerbe, & Ashkanasy, 2005). For instancce, in Laura’s company, the employer’s anger made the workers put extra efforts. However, the use of emotions in management of an organization may have management wrangles. There will be workers who will resent the use of anger among the employers. This will cause disruption of the business activities (Clegg, 2006). For instance, in Laura’s company, there were workers who could not conceal their emotions. Because of fear or disgust, the workers might quit the job. This negatively affects the business.

Laura’s company has been having an unfavorable emotional climate. The employers have been using their emotions mostly to manage their activities. However, most of the workers have been concealing their emotions. This affected their health leading to stress (Bloch, 2012). Therefore, solutions to the unfavorable emotion climate should be sought. The company should have frequent social interactions between the workers and employers outside the organization’s premises. This would help enhance understanding between the employers and the workers. As a result, an outburst of emotion in the workplace would be understood by the parties involved (Shams & Jackson, 2006).

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In conclusion, emotions can be of use to influence an organization’s performance. However, the use of emotions in the organization should be effective in order to ensure that it does not cause more problems. Therefore, emotions should be used controllably in the management of an organization. That has been evident in Laura’s company where much should be done in order to enhance an effective emotions management.

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