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The Culture of Thin Bites Fiji

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The article “The Culture of Thin Bites Fiji” is about the issue of the women’s weight. The author Ellen Goodman describes Fiji as an island Fantasyland where people became happier with each gained kilogram and centimeter. The fatter women became, the more beautiful they were considered.

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Recently, this view of beauty has completely changed. Unfortunately, the Western view spoilt the traditional situation of the island. Ellen Goodman names different TV shows which influenced the girls’ attitude to their body. They watched thin actresses on the screen and decided to lose weight. This changed the acceptation of the fat people. Previously, they were “robust”. Now, they are “repulsive”. Moreover, the thin body became the “requirement for getting a good job, nice clothes, and fancy cars”. The boys learned to hate and harm fat girls. In addition to that, the striving of becoming thin caused the eating disorders in teenagers. The more and more girls vomited in order to reach the “thin body” aim. The new image caused illnesses. It is not only about the physical health; it is also about the psychological health. The problem was in the acceptation of their body. Girls considered their own body as “too big or fat”.

The Western “thin culture” impacted the traditions of the island. The movies and TV shows portrayed how successful the thin people are. Even though the Hollywood had not aimed to provide the image with the health problems, the perception of the young female viewers turned into the wrong direction. As Anne Becker, the anthropologist and psychiatrist of the Harvard Eating Disorders Centre, says, the television itself does not cause the eating disorders. Ellen Goodman appeals to pay more attention to what the girls learn. She encourages trying not to allow them “to hate and harm themselves”.

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