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On Sale at Old Navy: Cool Clothes for Identical Zombies by Damien Cave

Buy custom On Sale at Old Navy: Cool Clothes for Identical Zombies by Damien Cave essay

Damien Cave, an associate editor of the Rolling Stone and the writer of the Salon website, wrote an interesting article about the current situation on the trade market. In his article, Cave expresses his opinion about the recently began tendency of such stores, as Old Navy and Ikea. In addition to that, he supports his own thoughts with the opinions and the facts provided by the scientists.

First of all, Cave mentions cool anti-corporate culture that American businesses have co-opted. He means that the corporation at the beginning of its activity thinks about its products very specifically and tries to combine financial and qualitative side of the production. In this case, the quality is even more important than the profit. Recently, they have found a new tendency. They scarify quality in order to make the things cheaper. This is a kind of breaking corporate culture. The huge percent of the American businesses support this way of business.

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He calls the anti-corporate culture as “cool” because it might seem to be so after it has become a trend. These products are more available for common people, but have no charm and no identity. The tendency shows that less people think about it. They enjoy the service and the possibility to buy everything in one store, so they do not need to visit a plenty of them. It is “cool” because it is accepted by the society and everyone strives to this. People tend to simplicity. They come to the Old Navy or IKEA stores, which are perfectly equipped from the marketing point of view, and buy much more, than they really need.

This tendency was started by the Disney store, and then the other followed this idea. They do this for their own benefit. They spend less money to make the thing not so qualitative, but people buy it with more pleasure, so the stores get more financial profit. The irony here is that they provide it like a good service, but really they just follow their “cruel” strategy. This is the kind of cheating. Cave names it “cool”, but he compares it with zombies. He criticizes it and persuades his readers to share his opinion.

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Buy custom On Sale at Old Navy: Cool Clothes for Identical Zombies by Damien Cave essay

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