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Ronald Regan Presidential Speech

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On January 20, 1981 Ronald Regan gave a compelling speech during an inaugural address to the citizens of America. In his speech, Regan concentrated on explaining how the government should be made to work for the people. He noticed that overtime, the government had negated ‘on its mandate’ to help improve the economy, and manage the tax system. Instead, the government was facing economic, social, political and cultural upheavals. In summary, Regan noted that the government was not the solution to all the problems facing America. Instead, he urged citizens to rise and bear the tax burden, roll up their sleeves and do what Americans do best “work extra hard to revive the economy.”

The most fascinating issue I identified in Regan’s speech is the fact that he emphasized on removing the obstacles and roadblocks hindering economic growth. I loved the way Regan spoke with optimism about the potential of the American economy. I was convinced in the way Regan urged the Americans to “Act worthy of themselves,” since the fortunes of the country were in their hands. I find this an act of patriotism as Regan calls ion all citizens to rescue the country and make it prosperous.

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In my opinion, the presentation by Regan was extremely effective. This is because the message in the inaugural speech was a call for all citizens to unite and glorify the nation. The speech was effective because it urged all citizens to work in small bounds, to ensure that America wins the war against slow economic growth. Regan also urged the government to revive idle industries to reduce the levels of unemployment and restore human dignity. Furthermore, the speech was effective since it targeted at inspiring citizens to be creative, propel the economy and restore America’s place in the world.

I think this speech was chosen for the class because it is captivating, and reveals so much about the American society. The speech is compelling, and informative depicting Americans as hard working citizens, and full of pride in their nationality.

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