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Group Counselling

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Significance of Group Counselling

Personal Significance of Group Counselling

Group psychotherapy and counselling are essential and resourceful in helping individuals deal with life issues they encounter when interacting with peers. The group way of dealing with therapeutic factors helps in instilling altruism, cohesiveness, and development of hope. All these aspects are necessary to guide such individuals towards making positive changes in their lives. Based on personal experience and studies conducted by Yalom and Leszcz (2005), I have come to comprehend and appreciate the importance of group counselling for what it is – a means to create self-understanding among members of the group, impart information, and allow for catharsis. I have had five years of working experience with teenagers stigmatized by bullying, and in that time I have witnessed the benefits of group sharing.

Corey, Corey, and Corey (2010) report that some of the benefits derived from group interpersonal learning output allow members to gather the courage to share their own experiences. In addition, through my practice I have come to conclude that such shared interpersonal learning provides room for responses and feedback through which patients can gather resourceful insight. The holistic participation of members assures participants that whatever dilemma or predicament they may be facing now or went through in the past could be resolved through opening up. Finally, as Yalom and Leszcz (2005) propose, clients gain hope from such participations. They get to learn that their challenges are not unique and therefore, through sharing, they can gain acceptance and initiate the process of recovery.

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Emphasis on Professional Counseling Literature

The benefits and significance of group counselling have been proven to be as essential and resourceful as those that individual counselling has. Stockton (2010) suggests that therapeutic factors accrued from sharing of experiences, emotions, and advice in a group assist patients in overcoming their tribulations. Additionally, research by Yalom and Leszcz (2005) argues that therapists are able to accumulate experience to manage similar cases in the future. Evidently, group-sharing experiences are a way of development for both patients and clinicians.

Professional Standards for the Training of Group Workers

Two Personal Goals for Advancing

While working with groups, I strive to gain and achieve certain competency standards. I believe that counselling is a two-way process where the patient gains the therapist’s trust and vice versa. Arguably, to achieve such level of competence, I need to sharpen my skill level by associating with people individually and in group settings. To get a clear view of the patient’s conditions, I must, therefore, attain a certain level of skill and proficiency which can be reached with the help of research, sharing, and participation.


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In addition, I hope to achieve the required communication skills necessary for my practice. I understand that being a counsellor requires imparting information to clients in a simple comprehensive manner. I hope to gain skills necessary for me to properly air my thoughts, suggestion, and advice and in turn gain the trust of my clients. Thomas and Pender (2008) support my objective stating that effective communication between clients and counsellors constitutes meaningful growth for both parties.

Alignment of Goals with Professional Standards

Both of the above-mentioned skills would assist me in improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of my practice. The research by Wilson, Rapin, Haley-Banez, Conyne, and Ward (2000) argues that communication skills and competencies are necessary for a counselor whose aim is to provide guidance to patients. I therefore, believe that the acquired skills align with my set objectives of assisting people in understanding more about themselves, solving life challenges, and pursuing a fuller and more positive life.

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Strategies to Accomplish Goals

One of the strategies I wish to undertake to accomplish my goals is conducting extensive research. The other one is making sure I participate in as many voluntary groups and individual therapy sessions as I can. My extensive research and studies will help me understand the field of counselling from analyzing the works conducted by peers in my field. I will use the information acquired and apply it to what I have already learned. In addition, voluntary participation shall complement my experience in dealing with individuals and groups.

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