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The Drugged Promotion

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A few years back, the city of N.Y. was struggling with drug abuse problems. It was one of the cities in the United States that recorded high rates in drug use, drug dependence, drug-induced deaths, non-medical use of prescription medicines, and the proliferation of new drugs. Apart from the classic illicit drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and heroine, there was an increase in the number of synthetic drugs. The new substances had become popular among teenagers and young adults who looked to experiment with them.

Clint Sands was the Commanding Officer of the Organized Crime Bureau at the N.Y. Police Department. He was a diligent officer who had risen fast through the ranks because of his outstanding investigative work. Sands started out as a patrol officer before moving on to become a police detective. His excellent detective work coupled with his educational background in criminal investigation, police administration, public policy, and criminology have been beneficial in the career of one of the youngest commissioner in the N.Y. Police Department. As a commanding officer, his unit was charged with investigation and prevention of the perennial drug menace in the city of N.Y. His appointment was expected to bring down existing cartels as the city’s administration worked towards the rehabilitation of drug addicts, reduction in drug dependence, and streamlining of dispensation of prescription drugs.

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The drug menace had been exacerbated by the emergence of a new drug, which was christened “flakes”. The new designer drug that had hit the streets of N.Y. was said to have more potent effects than cocaine, bath salts, and crystal meth. The users displayed erratic, uncontrollable, and dangerous behavior lasting a few hours after use. For instance, the drug caused a man to scale a communication tower and threaten to commit suicide after firing an assault rifle towards a police patrol van. The drug, which could be smoked, injected, swallowed, or snorted, also had appalling health effects as there had been many cases of individuals demonstrating excited delirium. The drug causes a syndrome in which an individual suffers hyperthermia and body temperature rises to about 105 degrees. In addition, the users may become psychotic, rip off their clothes, run violently in the streets, and have tremendous adrenaline-like strength. As a result, it may take four or five individuals to restrain a person who was under the influence of flakes.


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It has been established that the drug is a more powerful next-generation version of bath salts. It was manufactured from a chemical cathinone, which falls in a similar category as “khat”, a mild stimulant that people in the Middle East and Eastern Africa have been chewing for years. Flakes stimulated the emission of feel-good brain chemicals and prevented their re-absorption by brain cells or neurons, which meant that its effects would linger more than anticipated. Its danger came from the incredible potency because a usual dose was only about 0.1 grams; only a little more would lead to severe effects. A mild overdose had been established to cause agitation, severe aggression, psychosis, and heart-related problems. The drug was highly addictive; thus, users would often take it again after their initial dose, which resulted in an overdose. The drug overdoses led to several deaths, which caused emergency responses of injecting sedatives to counteract the drug’s effects in the body system.

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Investigations determined that the chemicals used in making the drug were purchased in bulk from overseas online platforms for about $1,000 for every kilogram. Its doses sold for $5 in the streets, which means that it was a lucrative venture for dealers who have a huge network of distributors in low-income residential neighborhoods, schools, parks, and entertainment spots. However, the intensified onslaught that initially focused on the lower ends of the distribution network had netted many peddlers and led to the seizure of a considerable amount of the drug. At the same time, the arrested individuals were not collaborative and disclosed little or no information about the source of their drug consignments. Therefore, Sands enlisted the help of FBI and DEA agents, which led to a large-scale operation that engaged confidential informants and undercover officers, whose task was to infiltrate the higher echelons of the distribution network.

After months of productive activities, the multi-agency task force was able to establish the identity of drug cartel shadowy leaders. Their profiles indicated that they were influential American-based business magnates. On examining a confidential report that revealed the leaders’ identity, Sands established that one of them was a well-known and influential person in N.Y. He was the son of the city Mayor, a budding politician who was popular in the city and was thought to be his father’s “anointed” political and business heir. Later on in the day, Sands ran into the mayor in a restaurant and he kindly asked to join him for lunch. After having their meal, the mayor brought up the issue of the taskforce’s discovery. He pointed out that the imminent exposure of his son as one of the leaders of a notorious criminal organization would deal heavy blows to his political and business interests. The political leadership of his party had also “expressed their displeasure” with the outcome of the investigations. The mayor asked him to expunge his son’s name from the report. He then offered to expedite his rise to the commissioner’s position as the current occupant had announced his intention to retire. The mayor’s “friends” would also make generous contributions to support the police department during his tenure.

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Case questions:

  1. Who is affected by the situation and any decision that Clint Sands will make?
  2. Is it ethical to expunge the mayor’s son from the taskforce’s investigation report?
  3. What is the level of harm or benefit for the society that would occur if the of the name mayor’s son is expunged from the report?

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