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Consumer Promotions

Consumer Promotions

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Product promotions are used to attract attention to a company’s goodsand possibly elicit a purchase. Different products and services may require varied promotion techniques because of their target customers and the nature of the wares/services. This essay will explore the seven types of promotions using Apple’s iPhone 6 as an example.

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In personal selling a company representative establishes a contact with the target customer who makes the purchase decisions (Hackley, 2005). The contact can be face-to-face, through video conferencing or telephone. This promotion type is beneficial because the salesperson can adjust the message or pitch, depending on the reaction and feedback from the consumer. It can clarify previous messages that may have been disseminated through other channels in case the customer had difficulties in understanding them. However, it can negatively affect the company in case the agent does not use an approach that matches the customer’s personality. Apple Company can use this promotion by sending a representative to large businesses that sell mobile phones. The official can come to such establishments to convince them to buy and place the iPhone 6 on their shelves.

Direct marketing utilizes mails to send messages direct to the customers. Those who prefer this promotion do so because it is cheaper than other traditional means such as advertising. Using direct marketing is advantageous because a company can tailor its message to target specific needs of the customers. The company must have some information regarding the customers, which include their preferences and tastes to personalize the message. It is an effective method of testing prices for new products and seeking responses from clients. One disadvantage with direct marketing is that some customers may get annoyed by the constant mails. As a result, they become hostile towards the company’s products. Since iPhone 6 is relatively new, Apple can use this prootion strategy to gauge the customer’s reaction to the price and adjust it accordingly.

Advertising targets large audiences through the mass media. Advertisements vary in the media through which they are communicated. A company can use newspapers, television, outdoor advertising and magazines. The advantage of this promotion type lies in ability to alert a large population from which interested buyers can be attracted. Therefore, it increases the customer base for a corporation. In markets with many competitors using advertisement, customers may not notice a firm’s advert. Apple can use this promotion technique to target its current customers and new ones to purchase the iPhone 6. Such a move would increase its market share and profits.

In public relations, a company uses a third party such as a news media to mention its products favorably without any direct payment to it. Public relations expose the target market to information that may be unavailable through other forms of promotion. However, since the traditional media has little grip over the public, the message may not have an effect on the target customers. Apple can use this method by having an arrangement with news media to highlight the benefits and conveniences that iPhone 6 provides to the users.

An organization can sponsor events by providing money or other valuable resources. In return, the organization is given space to advertise its products at the event such as radio and TV or through the media. The products are exposed to a large audience and thus likely to attract purchases. The disadvantage with this promotion is that it can be more expensive than other promotion forms. Apple can sponsor events such as games in big leagues. In return, the iPhone 6 can get exposure at the stage where the games are played and through televisions broadcasting the games.

Sales promotion uses short-term techniques such as sales flyers, coupons, and point on sale, price discounts and samples (Shankar, Carpenter, & Hamilton, 2012). Since it is limited to a short period, customers may ignore other brands to take advantage of the offer. However, the use of sales promotion may reduce a company’s margins because the customers may become very price-sensitive. Consequently, they may refrain from purchasing in anticipation of the reduced prices during sales promotion. Apple can use this technique by collaborating with telecommunication service providers. Any iPhone 6 purchase done at the service providers should have a lower price than in other shops. The large volume of sales generated may counter the negative effect of the low price.

Digital communications refer to promotions done through the web and digital devices. Online advertising, social media, viral strategies and consumer generated content are types of digital communication. It is a cheap means of promotion because it uses limited resources. However, fake promotions that have been sent to consumers in the past have caused mistrust, which makes consumers cautious.  Apple can publicize the iPhone 6 through the social media by constantly interacting with customers and addressing issues of concern.

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The digital communication is the best promotion type through which the iPhone 6 should be supported. A large number of consumers interact through social media and can create negative publicity for the product. Engaging them and solving issues with the product can improve their confidence and refer friends to try the product. Such tendency is very effective because friends have great influence on their peers.

In conclusion, the seven types of promotions include the digital communication, sales promotion, sponsorship, public relations, advertising, direct marketing and personal selling. The digital communication is the most efficient one for promoting iPhone 6 because of the large customer base and the effect of social media on consumers.

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