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Art Paragraphs

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Part 1

Forming a collective opinion and responding to a given work of art are the essential aspects of analyzing a work of art itself (Drury and Stryker 8). It focuses mainly on forming an objective opinion about the masterpiece. However, looking beyond what is depicted is one of the objectives in the course of analyzing a work of art. Broadly speaking, the analysis is aimed at finding the link between the plane of content and the plane of expression intended by the artist. This principle applies to fine arts, in particular.

Stasis is a feature peculiar to both realistic and non-realistic epochs of fine arts. Stasis suggests that objects and/or figures depicted are motionless and two-dimensional (Drury and Stryker 12). Tension is one of the creative principles that stand opposed to stasis. Tension can be defined mainly as a “dynamic opposition or balance between unlike or separate elements” (Drury and Stryker 12). In other words, tension is “a principle of dynamic composition” (Drury and Stryker 12).

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Sketches are regarded as a basic technique, an art that a good artist should master in the first place. Traveling can be a wonderful opportunity for an artist to develop their skills. At the same time, imagination can be viewed as a quality of good artist by all means. One of the best strategies to enhance imagination is observing the world: people, their habits, objects of the material world, a place these objects take and the roles they play in the lives of men and, perhaps, most especially, nature.

Analysis of a work of  art, stasis, tensions, and sketch reveal the different aspects of fine arts, specifically, the theoretical and practical ones, respectively. The aspects discussed above illustrate how complex fine arts are.  

Part 2

Albrecht Durer is considered one of the most prominent German artists. Albrecht Durer was born in Nuremberg in the early 1470s (“Albrecht Durer Biography” n.p.). In the early 1490s, he traveled to Italy for the first time (“Albrecht Durer Biography” n.p.). Thus, Durer got acquitted with Italian art, which has had a strong effect on the artist himself (“Albrecht Durer Biography” n.p.). Consequently, the painter had made a great contribution to fine arts and the development of Renaissance.


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The Temptation of the Idler marks the transition from the medieval age to Renaissance in fine arts. The work is performed in the engraving technique. The painting combines the secular and mythical motives. The engraving depicts two anthropomorphic figures, a cupid, and a small dragon. A cupid is depicted in the bottom left corner of the engraving. A small dragon is depicted in the upper right corner of the painting. The figure of the foreground is feminine. The feminine figure is painted nude. The other figure is painted dressed in robes and is placed in the background. The second figure is presumably a male. The female is an allegorical image portrayed in an attempt to seduce the male figure on the background. The male figure on the background is portrayed in amidst of idleness.

Adam and Eve is an engraving by Albrecht Durer portraying one of the central secular storylines of the Old Testament. Adam and Eve are portrayed in the Garden of Eden. Eve is holding a forbidden fruit in her left hand, pretending as if to hide it from Adam. Adam holds a branch in his right hand as if reproaching Eve. Also, there is another living being depicted on the engraving, namely, a bird.

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Part 3

“Joe” by Richard Serra is a composition depicting a piece of corroded metal curved and forming a spiral. The title of the work is allegorical. The work of art being analyzed abounds with the implied meanings. For example, the composition as if proves that the history of mankind repeats itself. The events tend to repeat themselves, as well. In addition to that, it is in the nature of men to be fussy. People often run in circles and the most important events often pass unnoticed. In addition to that, the work of art being discussed proves that time is what matters in human life. The shape of a spiral is a powerful symbol in itself.

“Joe” by Richard Serra is the work of art important enough to be exhibited in the Pulitzer Museum as it can be viewed as one of the most vivid examples of contemporary art. Furthermore, the composition being discussed represents the most tendentious aspects of the contemporary art. Apart from that, the composition blends with the exterior of the museum’s building and it is woven harmoniously into the canvas of the artifacts on display in the museum itself. The work of art under consideration provokes the thought and is worth seeing and being contemplated.

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Arts in general and most especially, fine arts are a link between the objective reality and person’s inner world. Apart from that, art can be viewed as the pure expression of inspiration and talent. A work of art, in its turn, is the manifestation of the creative force of a person, their resilience, as well the need for self-actualization and approval. A product of human activity can be considered a work of art as it helps both an artist and a recipient to recapture happiness within themselves. All things considered, art plays an important role in the lives of men.

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