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Category: Art

Orientalism in “Shades of Ray” and Coldplay’s Video

Orientalism is a Western way of portraying Eastern cultures. This term usually implies a negative connotation because orientalism tends to show characteristics or traits of people from Asia or Asian c...

Art Museum Assignment

Joseph Turner is one of the most prolific and well-known English painters of the nineteenth century. He is often called the world’s greatest “painter of light” (Shanes, 2004). This p...

Art Paragraphs

Part 1 Forming a collective opinion and responding to a given work of art are the essential aspects of analyzing a work of art itself (Drury and Stryker 8). It focuses mainly on forming an objective o...


American music is changing constantly, and there are new trends being introduced every day. Comparing the modern music and the one which was popular, for example, thirty years ago, it is easy to see h...

Menkaure and His Queen

A part of history of humankind reveals itself in the sands of Egypt, where once under the Sun were great kingdoms. It is important to know more about the ancient traces of this old civilization in ord...

Visiting the National Gallery of Art

The Renaissance period began in the late 14th century in Italy. Renaissance artists looked back at the ancient history of Greece and Rome and, therefore, captured humanism and the beauty of the natura...
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