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Children and Technology

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The advancement and dynamic nature of present technology has made it more accessible today than it was fifty years ago. Nowadays, more people have an access to different kinds of technology, which was almost impossible few years ago. Thus, the level of technology penetration implies the possibility of having a conflict of interest between parents and their children regarding the use of technologies in their daily lives. The confrontation is not so much the importance of technology as the kind of experiences that parents have had with it. This paper presents a discussion of the modern American parent experience with technology and the way it differs with that of their children. The essay aims at answering the question as to whether present U.S. parents are slow in embracing the idea of technology penetration among their children.

The Reason why U.S. Parents are Slow to Embrace their Children’s Technology Savvy

Most of the U.S parents in the age group of 40 to 60 years grew up at a time when technology was not widely spread or was scarcely developed. The only available technology, which they could be fascinated with, was a television. Furthermore, their parents were a little bit conservative with their technological tools to the extent that they rebuked children who tried to crawl around a television set. Subsequently, such devices were hidden away where children could not access them. The only television was practically “kept in the parents’ bedroom or locked behind a cabinet” (Rosin, 2013). However, the modern technology environment provides the children with an opportunity to interact with technology in every side they turn. Most of the activities in the house and in the school are run through technology. Therefore, contemporary children have a higher affinity for technology than their parents had.

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The need to keep up with technology was not as urgent during the parent’s adolescence as it is now. The present environment is encompassed in a competition where every child has an access to some form of technology. The easy access means that children must keep up with the trend in the technology if they are to remain competent among fellow children. The parents grew up at the time when only a few privileged children could access the existing technology. This is not the same at the present time where technology is available almost to everyone, which makes its use among children a common phenomenon. As evident from the article, modern children know that every other child is using technology. The author’s child tells her, “Mom, everyone has technology but me” (Rosin, 2013). The awareness that many children are probably using the technology makes others want to explore its newest trends.

Furthermore, parents have not realized that unlike in the time when there was no specific technology targeted at them, today’s technological environment is averse with child-specific know-hows. The children are aware of the apps that are specifically designed for them. Therefore, they will continue requesting to have access to those apps. Children also participate in the design and creation of technology, and this means that they are able to integrate the needs of their agemates in such apps. Technology is not just part of the daily interactions that children encounter. It forms an important part of their education, communication, and relationships. Thus, parents need to understand that the modern child’s life is more entrenched in technological circle than it was during their youth. The influence of technology on children is more beneficial than actual disallowance to access the high-tech world.


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Views from My Knowledge and Experience

The view about perfect childhood has changed over time. During the early days when present parents were growing up, there were different standards that children were supposed to observe. For instance, they could be encouraged to concentrate on their education through books rather than through the existing technology at the time. In today’s learning environment, education is facilitated by technological devices. Children are able to learn using computers and other apps, which can help them in subjects such as mathematics and science. Removing technology from the learning environment of contemporary children will not only make education boring but also impossible. It is as though every child is now born with the inbuilt knowledge that their learning will be aided with a certain technological device or app. Parents need to understand that their children are born “digital natives” and that they will need technological devices to interact with the environment effectively. The use of technology among children is premised on several factors in the modern environment. The first is that there are many devices and apps that are designed for children. As Rosen (2013) notes, creators and designers of such apps and devices market their products specifically to children. Thus, it becomes difficult for youngsters to avoid using technology in their everyday activities.

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In conclusion, parents in the U.S have not fully embraced the inseparable relationship between children and technology at the present day. Most children are able to use technological devices effectively to facilitate their work in schools and homes. Hence, parents have to accept the fact that the level of technology penetration is different from times of their youth when only a few people could afford to have a technological device or tool in their homes. Modern children have a free access to at least a form of technology every day. Trying to prevent them from its use will only make them curious and engage in destructive activities.

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