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Advertising is the process that is used by many producers, suppliers and government institutions to persuade people to turn into a particular product or service. The word advertising refers to turning around to something or start doing a task u never did before. In many areas of the world, advertising has enabled companies, retailers, sales outlets and other producers to market their products. The process of advertising is related to marketing as it is used to attract new customers and change the perception of existing clients (Foster 2008). There are different types of advertisements classified into audio, audio-visual, visual, presented on billboards, newsletter, newspaper and other promotion magazines. Undoubtedly, advertisements are essential to promote products and services from different suppliers and producers trading or doing business in competitive fields.

The advertisement that caught my attention was the one for Coca-Cola Company that is promoting this drink or soda that is capable of quenching thirst. The commercial has many scenes that show a person very tired and bored but upon taking a coke drink, the character is rejuvenated again. The advertisement is entertaining and appealing to watch again and again without getting bored or losing concentration (Hays). There are an old man and a young man who are both taking the drink and revealing the effects the Coca-Cola can bring to the person drinking it and other people around.

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The aforementioned advertisement was designed to cover all audiences across the world and does not discriminate any region or market. The scenes in this advertisement are awesome to any client who either drinks Coca-Cola or not. There are scenes where a group of young people is watching a football match when one of them realizes that it is not all fun until an introduction of this soda water brand. One rushes to the fridge and takes one-soda drink for himself as other watches him over. They claim they should have a drink also and urge the boy to take other sodas from the fridge so that they can all have pleasure and fun together. Unfortunately, there is an electricity fault where the fridge is in great electric shock. The boy is still determined to take the drinks, and he does maneuver and rich the fridge and take the drinks for his friends to have fun. This portrays how the urge for taking a Coca-Cola is high despite the risk of where it is placed or stored. The advertisement influenced me to try and buy the drink once to feel the satisfaction it contains as people claim and continue to consume the beverage.


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This commercial claims that there is a real problem, one that the viewer may have whether knowingly it or not. The issue is that many individuals do not understand the best way to get refreshed after hard work and tiresomeness. This problem is serious enough to do something about because I had not realized a simple drink could be such refreshing after a tiresome day. After watching the advertisement, I tried to see whether it worked as the boys proved and the effect surprised me. This advertisement implies that purchasing the advertiser’s product or otherwise taking one’s advice is a necessary step to solving the problem because without doing so a person cannot understand the secret of this beverage. The product solves the problem by making the client get total fun and enjoy the drink worth the price.

This product’s advantages exceed its disadvantages in that the money spent is less than the utility one enjoys and gets. I was lucky to have seen the advert and purchased the soda that is sold for $ 0.35 in retail shops. Coca-Cola product is superior as compared with other products addressing the same problem by being the best in terms of taste and quality. This beverage is manufactured from a mixture of good ingredients that restores energy and leaves a good taste. This brand is favorite to both young people and old and it has no side effects unlike other chemically processed drinks. Cola-Cola product is a solution to the thirsty problems by being the ultimate drink that can be used to serve a group of people having fun and relaxing after work.

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Some individuals claim that there is a problem of the coke drink advertised in different media. There is no problem because the product is an international drink that every country’s food and drinks boards have approved as good for human consumption. People thinking the drink is harmful are wrong as I have tried it and the drink it is awesome. Although there can be a concern, it is not serious enough to do anything about because there are no clients who have complaints about the drink. The issue of quenching thirst by using a few resources is available for anyone solution in terms of spending less than a dollar to buy a drink. There is a claim that the product is little in amount to solve the customer’s demand. However, I believe that it is not true because soda is about 300mls and is enough amounts to take for refreshment (Blanding). The product’s disadvantages cannot exceed its advantages, though sometimes people tend to consume many bottles because it is sweet and pleasant. This product is the superior solution than other substitutes in the market because it is packed in a glass bottle (“Coke Adds Life to Health Drinks Sector”). The product is not inferior; it is clean and healthy since plastic and paper packing is not as clean as clear glass bottle. Tempting this product is not a workable solution because one cannot measure the pleasure one gets from the soda. The truth is evident once a person takes a sip of the drink as it refreshes the throat and energizes a person.

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