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How Studying Abroad Changed My Life

Free «How Studying Abroad Changed My Life» Essay Sample

The society is rapidly developing in all realms. The nature of education and information dissemination has seen great development over the past few decades. My life has been changed in a great way due to studying abroad. The main reason for me to travel abroad was to further my education in a more developed country within a reputable system of education. Throughout my studies in the United States of America, my knowledge and horizon have been widened. I have also improved a lot in terms of my personality and independence.

I have learned and acquired advanced knowledge and skills. The United States has a policy that allows it to stay open to the outside world, and this strengthens its cooperation with numerous other countries. America is a developed country; my country has to change fundamentally to advance its education system. I came to the USA with little expertise and knowledge of my specialty and, actually, of life. However, with time, I have acquired more than just knowledge and expertise in this great country. I can now reason and see things differently. I am now able to interact with various people within and outside my learning environment. It is quite different from attending the same class and learning the same things while being in my home country. In this land of freedom, I have interacted with many individuals who are also from different countries. The interaction has been quite helpful because I am able to share what my home country can offer. Through sharing my experience with people from different countries and cultural backgrounds, my perspective has changed greatly. I feel like I have already lived in many diversified countries.

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I have been able to cultivate my character and ability to live independently. Back in my home country, my independence was limited. I had to live in a specified manner that was mostly dictated by my family and the society. I had to turn into a conformist, which reduced my independence and shaped my character to what the society needed me to be. Here, I have learned that no one will force me to do anything that I do not want to do. It may be a good thing, but it also calls for responsibility. My ability to live independently has been changed; I have become more responsible for my own life. There was one more new thing discovered due to interaction with new students from diverse cultural backgrounds. I have learned how to accustom myself to the new environment and find the best way to get along with classmates and instructors. My interpersonal skills have been greatly influenced, and I feel quite confident that I can socialize with any individual irrespective of my or their cultural background. All these aspects are attributable to studying abroad; it would have been different if I continued studying in my home country.


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My life has been changed since studying abroad has presented me with a platform of learning more than one language. It is quite easy to pick and learn new languages while staying in the foreign environment. My classmates and schoolmates have different language affiliations, and I use the difference as a tool to learn more languages in order to communicate with as many people as possible. We formally use English, but it is always fun to communicate using new languages. I have been able to share the values of my culture and learn how to embrace new cultures through the use of foreign languages. It is quite a new thing in my life since I perceived that my culture was always the best. I never understood why different people did some things that I considered wrong and lacked explanation. However, owing to studying abroad, I have been able to communicate and learn the benefits of different cultures, and now I appreciate every culture that I find myself in. I no longer discriminate people due to their cultural background. Whenever I am in the midst of multi-ethnic people, a feeling of beauty is brought by the diversity in a way that overwhelms me.

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Studying abroad has made me appreciate my very existence. Back in my home country, I could not see how different I was from the others. We all were the same and seemed to have the same fate. However, studying abroad has changed such a feigned ideal in a great way. In the USA, I feel like I have a responsibility for representing my country and myself. I feel that I have a purpose and an obligation to create something important. It is as if my whole country is looking up at me, and it makes me act responsibly, with a passion. During my interactions with colleagues and teachers, I try to represent my country in the best way possible. Only this one reason has given my life meaning and worth.

Studying abroad has not been that easy as many people suppose. I have also encountered many challenges during my stay and studies in the foreign country. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the challenges because they have positively affected my life. I would not have appreciated all the good things that have changed my life if they all came easy. They would have lost the meaning they have now if there were no lessons to learn. The challenges I have faced have made me cautious and appreciative of any individual who may pass my way. Overall, my life would not be the same if I had not studied abroad.

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