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The Role of the Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Initiative on the Future of Nursing

Free «The Role of the Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Initiative on the Future of Nursing» Essay Sample

Without a doubt, the role of the Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Initiative on the Future of Nursing is highly important as it provides a solid basis for the contemporary discourse. In the context of the leading nursing practices, the crucial role of the Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative engenders a hot debate. That is why it requires accurate evaluation. Remarkably, the Committee has recently demonstrated its apparent influence on the whole health care system. Thus, the current paper underlines the significance of the Committee in the modern community and analyzes the particular features of its functioning.

Specifically, the government is still looking for affordable care for the elderly and the chronically ill to guarantee the required medical treatment. Therefore, the beginning stage of such a fundamental health care reform is worth taking into consideration. Besides, the major initiative was launched due to the integrated efforts of different governmental and non-governmental organizations that promote the development of health care practices. The innovative ways require a proper examination in the context of the future nursing as they have recently provoked a sharp debate among the leading specialists. It states that the vital support should be provided at national, state, and local levels. As a result, such cooperation will promote the favorable opportunities for the further implementation and will ensure the realization of efficient nursing programs.

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Conventionally, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation works on the reconceptualization of the role of nurses. As a rule, it provides the well-developed strategies that assist in creating the positive outcomes. The final results seem to be rather exaggerated for the following research. Moreover, the Committee examines the nursing workforce and provides essential recommendations to increase the nursing capabilities. In terms of health care system, this initiative has already demonstrated its apparent influence on the whole process.

In addition, the aspect of educational requirements should also be thoroughly investigated as it impacts the potential outcomes for the future nursing practices. To improve the realization of multiple care settings, close attention should be paid to the basic health care principles and norms. Owing to the inherited traditions, the Committee is likely to maintain a balance in the health care initiatives as well as control and regulate the proposed approaches. Finally, it affects the educational mechanism positively, creating a proper vector for its functioning.


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The main task of the Committee is maintaining the quality of the provided services since the assurance of a patient’s well-being is the primary function of the health care system. Remarkably, the major goal of the Committee is the delivery of health care and training of the health care professionals. These prominent factors cannot be underestimated as they portray the apparent tendencies of the modern society. Conventionally, the health care initiatives are to meet the current and future health care demands to promote the development of the whole system and bring the positive results (Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Initiative on the Future of Nursing, at the Institute of Medicine, n.d.). Due to the apparent cooperation, the cumulative efforts have embedded the innovative solutions into an ordinary practice. Such implementation includes the essential societal, political, economic, cultural, and ethical principles that affect the health care system noticeably.

To conclude, it is important to highlight that the role of Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Initiative is noteworthy as it exerts a tremendous impact on the development of different programs and projects. This issue serves as a valuable source for future investigation of the nursing practices. Overall, the functioning of this Committee promotes the improvement of health care programs and enhances the quality of the nursing services.

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