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The Health of Children and Adolescents

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Health is the most important part of the social sphere, one of the main factors of national security, which determines the livelihood of the society. The responsibility for one’s health everyone should carry herself or himself.  However the health of the child and adolescent is the parents’ responsibility. As stated in the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, the child shall be ensured with the growth and development in a healthy atmosphere. The state has to provide special protection and shall care for the child and mother, before as well as after birth” (Declaration of the Rights of the Child).

First of all, caring for children’s and adolescents’ health, their physical and spiritual development and maintaining their healthy lifestyle should have been the duty of the state. It guarantees the protection and care. There are different laws and acts considering this question. However, this is a global and estrange point of view because the main protectors are parents or foster parents. They should show with their own lifestyle all the benefits of the healthy life. From the beginning of the child’s life they should accustom a child for healthy food and exercises. The adolescents have other problems, so parents should make them realize all the harm of the drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

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Besides, the educators are also responsible for the child’s and adolescent’s health while they are watching them since the kindergartens till the high schools and colleges, as well as during the additional courses. Usually, they spend more time with children and adolescents as their own parents. The biggest responsibility has the teacher of sport and physical education because he has the direct connection with the health. They have to increase the children’s and adolescent’s awareness and attitude for their own health (Daniels, 2002).

The child’s and adolescent’s health is very important. It impacts its physical, mental and emotional development. It is the reason of all successes and the causes of all failures. The parents and educators have to cooperate in order to ensure that children and adolescents realize this responsibility and are ready to cooperate as well.

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