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Category: History


During the two decades following World War II, Egypt amassed significant regional political influence in the Arab Middle East. As a result, Egypt used its leadership to unite the Arab Middle East regi...


The evidences and conclusions about lives of people and counties that existed many centuries ago are to a great extent based on the disputable and not numerous archeological findings and further schol...

Ulysses S. Grant

Introduction Ulysses S. Grant is an American statesperson, a military leader, and a general. He became the President of the United States from the Republican Party. During the Civil War, Grant was th...

Language Policy and Politics in the U.S.A: A Comparative History

Language Policy and Language Politics Language policy is a set of rules that define favor or discourage the use of certain languages within a country while language politics is about determining how ...

Pre-War to Post-War Experience

Hellen was seventeen when the war was declared on August 13, 1914 (Johnson, 2005). She did not have a clear picture of war and the impact it had not only on the nations fighting, but also on her life....

Abbasid Revolution

Abbasid revolution was a revolution that ended the coup in the Arab Caliphate and the transfer of power from the Umayyad to the Abbasids. The purpose of the study is to tell about the events of the Ab...
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