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Category: Law

Midterm Questions: Data Protection

Question 1 Federal law originates from the Constitution and is created by the country’s federal government giving the Congress the power to create the statutes that govern specific limited purpose...

Gun Control

Introduction In the twenty first century, the subject of gun control has become a critical issue for the government of the United States of America. It has also turned into a highly debatable issue t...

Media Law and Ethics

Case Study 1: Code of Ethics: Critical Comparison Journalism is a respected profession. People who work in this sphere have a moral, ethical, and professional responsibility to transmit information to...

Sexual Assault

The Section 266 of the 1892 Criminal Code defines rape as “the act of a man having carnal knowledge of a woman who is not his wife without her consent, or with consent which has been extorted by...

Information Technology Acts

Among all the modern technologies, the Internet is one of the most important sources, which is used daily by many people around the world with the purpose of communication, training, education, etc. N...
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