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Roles of Manager

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In different organizations managers perform different functions. Somewhere they are casual sellers, somewhere else – organizers or administrators, while in the other organizations the manager is a head. Based on economic theory, the manager is a person, who manages a company, director. All managers are divided into top managers, sales managers, office managers, advertising managers and staff. The manager is a specialist with higher education and skills of an organizational and leading work.

The manager performs different roles connected with the interpersonal communication, information and decision making. He is responsible for the communications and relationships. His duty is also to motivate and active the subordination, recruitment and training. The manager provides structured contacts and sources of information, works with external organizations, and represents the organization in the external environment on policy expert industry by participating in meetings and claiming through the mail. The roles associated with decisions mean his responsibility for the seeking of opportunities within the organization and outside of it. This can involve projects and development of a strategy for budgeting, human resources management, etc.

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All managers of the world meet every day a huge amount of changes in all aspects of their work. This is the part of their job, to deal with the problems which might appear as a result of those changes. This role of the manager should be called a “change agent”. It is identical to the role of the business partner. There are two types of the change agents: internal and external agents. The internal change agent is the part of the staff. They are mostly responsible for the change among the personnel, for example, egoistical-altruist, persistent-impatient, newcomer-experienced and other changes. He also has to deal with the inner organizational development, as he provides new change and technologies in this field. The external agent works outside of the organization, but he can help to improve the relationships within. He might manage this better than the internal change agent, because he is objective and can give an honest feedback. Moreover, he can share his previous experience of work in the other organizations. This is why they are very successful in making changes. On the other hand, the internal change agents know better the culture of the organization and they are closely acquainted with the employees. So they can easily find the way of influence and solution to the problem.

Anyway, the manager is a very important person in the organization because he is responsible for the whole process, starting with the plan and finishing with control on what is done. The types of change managers are having a huge impact on the work of personnel. They assure the productivity of the staff and support positive changes of the general atmosphere.

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